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What are the signs of diabetes in young teenage girls?
I have had my friends grandma who is a nurse tell me she thinks that I might be becoming diabetic. And It runs in my family. Lately I have been feeling kind of sick and my weight has been really weird. What are all the signs of diabetes in young teenage girls?
Im 15.
Excessive thirst.
Excessive need to urinate, particularly at night.
Tiredness and listlessness.
Weight loss, even if appetite remains the same or increases.
Thrush or genital itching.
Blurred vision.
An increased healing time for cuts, scratches and scrapes.
Irritability or short temper.
Cramps or constipation (more common for Type II diabetes).
Christian mentoring a young teenage girls?
I am working on setting up a Christian mentoring program for girls in middle school up until high school through my church. Does anyone have a good tips, ideas, books, websites, etc to help aid these young girls into womanhood?
A friend passed on to my daughter, "The American Girl Library - The Care and Keeping of You - The Body Book for Girls". She loves this book. It's nicely illustrated to grab her attention and contains so much information: grooming, acne, braces, breast growth, sizing bras, body types, nutrition, exercise, eating disorders, periods, supplies, emotions, proper rest, talking with parents, attitudes, friends - all of these in a very healthy way. They do not cover spirituality, or specifically Christianity, but we found that a study of Ruth, Esther and letter to the churches by Paul have been paramount in the spiritual growth process.

In your setting stress the importance (within your group nad extend as appropriate) of walking together, beside each other through the awkwardness of this growth. All will behave in some way that they regret later, so judgement now isn't OK, forgiveness without being asked is important, compassion for the struggle, prayer for growth within your group is so important. There are probably parents who can share from their past embarrassing moments and such that might help.

Prayer, prayer, prayer
Why do sex offenders keep targeting young teenage girls?
Sometimes people put theirselves in situations that they can't get theirselves out of and its hard when you have to live in fear all the time because of someone so cruel and dangerous. I just wanna know why older men are putting these young girls in such pain? I hate it when innocent young people get killed. It just hurts to see someone so young and their life is cut short because someone has emotional issues.
Young teenage girls are targeted because they're the most reckless. They're the ones who are often rebelling against their parents. Especially those suburban guys who have been sheltered, as soon as their teens, they want to live a more exciting (dangerous) life so they put themselves in these situations.

It is very unfortunate and these parents need to raise their guys better.
Why do young teenage girls continue to get pregnant despite all the help available today?
I wasn't married with my first daughter, but I didn't have all the choices that young girls have today, either!
Abortions were illegal, the birthcontrol wasn't on the market (much less free), doctors told the parents everything, and no one talked about Sex!!
I'm just surprised that 2 of my granddaughter's friends, age 17 - 19, are dued within the next 2 months. No jobs, no marriage or live-in boyfriend, never even lived on their own, and they do have the knowledge of sex & birthcontrol.
Sex is great, but a baby at the wrong time, isn't great.
So, why get caught if you don't have to?
i think they want to be. pregnancy and parenthood appear to be so terrific. they just dont know what they get themselves into.
Is it true that some older men like young teenage girls more than women their age?
I heard it's because a young teenage girl who never experienced anything sexual or personal, then the man can take her and mold her into what he want her to be. Is that true?
theer are all sorts of people with all sorts of tastes
Information on masturbation for young teenage girls?
I want to know about the health issues. I've been told that at a young age, masturbating with the help of 'tools' can cause nerve damage and seriously hurt you. What I want to know is the health issues that go with masturbation and also if there is anything recommended as far as 'tools' go for young girls. My mom doesn't want me to end up hurting myself and we both want to know more about this.
~Please & thanks! >///<
I often wonder where on earth these urban myths come from. Masturbation is normal, universally practiced by both sexes, physiological and harmless!
What are good modelling agencies for young teenage girls?
My friend and I want to do modelling and we are both teenage girls. We live in melbourne and we need to know a good modelling agency that isn't just a course or something, but we actually get hired into the agency. We really need to know soon, please help! Links appreciated.
Chadwick, Viviens, Priscillas, Scene and FRM all are top agencies in Melbourne that represent teens. Most models start when they are 14 or 15
Is it normal for young teenage girls to have rape fantasies?
When I first hit puberty, I used to have these weird rape fantasies. I would get aroused, but feel really uncomfortable about them. Is this common for young teen girls or was I some kind of freak?
It's very common. Many females end up living a lifestyle based on submission, in which their partner is allowed to have his way with her ("rape" her) at any time. Others opt against it.

The primary appeals of submission is often:
1. She's desired. She knows she's wanted because she's taken even when she's trying to prevent it (or at least not seeking it).
2. No responsibility. It's common to have guilty feelings about sex in our repressed society, particularly when she's a young female who is taught that sex is a very bad thing. By not being responsible, she's free to enjoy it without the guilt. She is also free to not take responsibility for decisions.
How do young teenage girls find/make friends with boys of their age?
I'm 14 and my friends and i don't really know any guys. We really wanna just be friends with some. We don't live in places where any live and we go to an all girls school. We wouldn't know how to confront them or what to say in a typical conversation so please and give us a much tips as possible on this :)
Thaanks xD
14 year old guys are normally immature and not very easy to talk with. I would know I was once one. Just go up to them and say hey, I guarantee they won't say much because girls mature faster and have better social skills at that age.
"I'm a screamer" tee-shirts for young teenage girls?
Feminist how do you feel about young girls walking around with this type of suggestive messaging on their backs? What's causing them to do this?
Revolting and inappropriate, and I question the sanity of any parent who lets their guy wear it.

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