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All Comments

Why do female beach volleyball players have to wear such tiny bikinis when competing?
These women are almost naked when they have their games. Why? Is it just for a little T&A to attract fans? Why don't they wear shorts and t-shirts or something like that?
I know someone who applied for modeling jobs and they told her she looked hot but was too tall. They offered instead to put her on a beach volleyball team.

And you are right it is just a way to get exposed female flesh bouncing around in bikinis to attract a crowd.
Do women like fit men wearing tiny little bikinis at the beach, pool, resort etc? I love wearing tiny bikinis!?
I love wearing tiny, colorful, sexy string bikinis at the beach...love the bikini tan line!
LOL a man wearing a bikini??? xD that is sooo wrong in soo many levels.....
Do women like to see fit men wearing tiny, sexy little bikinis , not speedos but a nice cut string bikini?
I have a great bikini collection. Beautiful,sexy string bikinis in vibrant colors from heswimwear.com. I love wearing slinky, sexy bikinis at the beach and having that tiny string bikini tan line. Most women seem to smile. I think womes do like seeing a fit guy dressed like this.
Those women may be smiling, but it's a mask. Inside they are laughing at you. Men in little bikinis are douchebags, primadonnas, vain, self-centered, and they have absolutely zero clues as to how ridiculous they look. None of these qualities are attractive to women.
Ditch the women's swimwear and get yourself some nice trunks, you'll be 100 times more appealing to women.
Why do female beach volleyball players wear tiny bikinis but male players wear shirts and shorts? ?
If the the small bikini is indeed more comfortable and enhance their athletic abilities (as McPeak suggested), why don't male players play shirtless in a speedo?
I just watched this slide show regarding that same issue. Read the captions and it will explain why.

Women: embarrassed by panties and bra but not tiny bikinis?
How come women are ashamed when you see them wearing a bra and panties.. but when they are in small revealing bikini, it's ok?
i cant say i am embarrassed about either, i often answer the door to the postman in bra and knickers so i cant be that bothered about it
Are brazilian girls jealous when they're going to the beach with their boyfriend b/c of the tiny bikinis?
I always wanted to know! :) Thanks
I imagine any girl who's with her bf at the beach and sees girls who are wearing nicer/ skimpier bikini's is a bit jealous, especially if the bf is noticing them.
Friend dresses conservatively but wears tiny bikinis. Why?
I've been over this with her so many times and I don't understand it. She dresses so conservatively when we go out. Like she won't even wear most skirts or dresses if they aren't almost to her knew because she doesn't want guys creeping on her and trying to see up it. She never wears low cut tops and she is always asking me if her clothes look too revealing (when they aren't even close)
HOWEVER, whenever we go to the beach (at least once a week), she wears the tines bikinis I've ever seen. WAY smaller than anything I normally wear. Tops and bottoms, her tops must be an extra small on a C-Cup girl and her bottoms are borderline thong with how much bare bottom she shows.
I've asked her about it and she says she doesn't really think about it because when she's at the bars or clubs she knows guys are drinking and trying to hit on girls and check them out but at the beach she's just there like any other girl trying to get a good tan and doesn't really think about guys there wanting to look at her. I'm like "you do realize guys probably are looking at you since you're wearing one of the smallest swimsuits at the beach?" but she just doesnt think so and doesn't think about it. She doesn't even wear a coverup when we go, she just walks around in her tiny suit like no one is looking.
Are other girls like this? Don't you think it's no better to dress revealing at the beach than at the bars?
It could be that people are expected to be in swimsuits at the beach, etc. So it is her chance to "let it all out" so to speak. :)

It could be her way of expressing herself without getting too crazy. It could be an outlet.

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