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I want to exp. the art of providing a spanking to a female without sexual carryings on would anyone be able?
to exchange emails with a view to this - everything respected and I would be far to embarassed to approach a 'lady of the night' to ask this - at least by email one-to-one things can be discussed and details ironed out. Thank-you in advance.
If you're wanting to do just the spanking without any accompanying sex, there is a place in Los Angeles that would probably be beneficial for you to check out. It's called "The Dominion," and it provides precisely what I think you're looking for.

I can't give you a personal recommendation as I've never been a client of theirs...I am merely aware of it. But it might be what you're looking for.
Lesbians: Would you consider Met Art, art or porno?
Id say art that makes good spanking material.
I think the difference is that one contains women specifically toying with their genitalia or body in a sexual/erotic manner to arouse and one just embraces the beauty of the human body.

Met Art, however, seems to be the former.
Spiritually spanking, should marijuana use be mandatory?
There are some people in this country, who just need to mellow out. Think about it if we went back to the 1930s and gave Hitler some pot, we wouldn't have heard crap about him, he probably would have gotten into art school cause he calmed down.
Especially for politicians and religious "leaders."
Good spanking sites?
anywhere real people that are into the art of spanking?
Ask your parents. I'm sure they practiced on you quite a bit.
So,would you say your quite proficient in the fine art of?

**interpret as you wish**
I get spanked a lot. Does that count?

To answer the Q: No.
Is Tiger now cured of his sadistic sexual perversion or is he hornier now after the Sex Rehab Clinic?
This is an actual text of Tiger's love talk:
"• Tiger Woods has elevated the art of texting to new heights. An example from recently revealed messages he sent to his porn-star lover, Joslyn James: “God girl. You better want to take care of me… I want to treat you rough. Throw you around, spank and slap you… Slap your face. Treat you like a dirty little whore… Hold you down while I choke you.”
Leopards don't change their spots and neither do tigers
Do you think it might be good for the US to suffer for a while? We do need a spanking....?
Honestly I think we as American became pathetic babies when getting anything was as easy as filling out a credit card application. I'm not blaming Bush but everything about American society during the spend , spend, spend years of his administration became an embarrassment to this country.

Music, art, film, media in general, manufacturing, people's attitudes towards each other, hyper materialism, hyper cynicism, politics, (which was never good but from 2000-2009 it's just been sad) -- it's all sh*t and it's eating this country alive.

I've never seen Americans this arrogant and this full of sh*t before , and the sad thing is most young Americans today aren't half the caliber of responsible educated men and women of the past. By the way I'm 26 and have plans of moving to France -- I don't run away , so please reserve your comments about me being a 50 year old who would 'leave if you don't like it'
>We do need a spanking....?

Certainly for the War of 1812-1814
and probably even since the War of 1776-1783
What other PC game (game pad support) like Death Spank you will recommend to me?
Death Spank is a RPG game with game pad support developped by Electronik Arts (EA Games).
I want to try other games like this one. I'm open for suggestions....
Death Spank 2
Street art help!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?
I'm a very new street artist. I don't even consider myself and artist, i just like it. I want to know, What type of spray paint is the best? Whats the best stencil material for large and small stencils, very reusable? how does spray adhesive work and how well? and whats the basic idea on making original stencils? spank you!:)
cheapest is the best as you'll use a lot of it and it doesnt come cheap you can make stencils out of anything card - plastic - Just start on some small ones and perfect your technique also learn to run -

draw out your design then work out where to make the bridges for your stencils you can decide whether to feature them or try to make them less obvious - Spray adhesive wont work on walls but you could use a clip on a rod to hold it so you dont spray your hands or masking tape.

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