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All Comments

What's with all the slutty/drunk pictures of age teens on Facebook /myspace?
Why they put those pics up? It must be attention seeking, as I can't really think of anything else. Or trying to prove something...

no silly responses please (i.e. ITS SO FUNNNNNNN or omg lyk such a prude)
THANK YOU! It bothers me SO much to see my 15 year old sister drunk with all her friends, doing weird slutty poses, etc etc.

I also hate this whole thing where young girls (and some guys) have these photo shoots in front of their web cams! My favorite is the half-naked pics in front of the bathroom mirror with a camera phone! lol

Any what takes the cake, is that these guys are the first to cry that they hate their bodies/faces/complexions/etc etc.
Why are teens often so mean (evil) and so slutty?
They talk in negative way of everyone (even people they love), they gossip, they wear very revealing clothes...

Not all teens, of course, but a lot
We now live in a society where parents don't take responsibility for these things. They'd rather be "friends" with their guyren & allow them to constantly "express" themselves. Having nothing to compare their styles to (because they're young), they watch TV & learn negativity & unemotional sexual activity & consider it "normal." Our politicians say one thing, then do another & they are confused, naturally. This leads to the "me" mentality they flaunt. They don't understand & are conditioned into not caring. Material things are their focus because they do not have & often do not seek proper guidance.
Do sex clinics help teens have sex or are they saving slutty teens from becoming mom's?…
The clinics are making it easy to have sex and not get pregnant.
Anyone have any ideas for non slutty teen girl costumes?
Links would be helpful. I want to look cute, not slutty. I'm 14.
be a dark angel, vamp fairy, graveyard guy, fallen angel, purrfect kitty, spider fairy or aqua fairy

go to the website below to see the costumes

or google "fairylicious costumes"
Halloween costumes. teens. not to slutty. please help us. maybe group costume. ideas please!!!!?
okay teen halloween costume. not very slutty. only a little. not to baby ish. group ideas please girls/girls and guys!!! thanksss has good prices for all holloween costumes and any other cotumes we need. they got almost everything!
TEENS: In your opinion, is this SLUTTY? If so, how could it be made modest?
I have opaque black tights and black pumps. What could I pair these with to make them look modest?

I have a jean skirt, but idk how modest that would be. The pumps are about 3.5" and stilettos. It won't look slutty if I have stilettos, black opaque tights and a short denim skirt?

I'm 16 and this is for an outfit for high school.
Rule of thumb. If it dresses like a skank then its a skank. Enough said

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