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Which is the worse social problem- adult movies or firearms?
Oh, that darn porn. It is so disgusting and degrading. What can be more sinful than two or more consenting adults having sex? And as for the adults that watch those movies, I hope they do not live near any schools.
So I was wondering. Why is President Obama trying to take our right to bear arms away? I mean, what if some family planning clinic moves into the neighborhood? How are we supposed to protect ourselves against all that filth and scum if we cannot buy a decent, semi automatic weapon?
What do you call someone with adult movie collection? A pervert.
What do you call someone with a firearm collection? An American. Just remember that if the sales guy in the sporting goods store asks you what kind of game you are hunting, don't say it is for home security. Just say what rifles are good for hunting deers and bears.
And remember, as the NRA spokesmen say, guns do not kill people. People kill people, in abortion clinics, churches, and at the convenience store when that danged Pakistani behind the counter tells you he's all out of Marlboro cigarettes.
So pick which is more dangerous in the hands of the general public, an adult sex movie, or a firearm?
"And ask yourself won question, do I feel lucky?"
The most dangerous social problem present in this country is, ignorance. The people of this country don't stand a chance. The majority of our citizens are ill prepared to fully comprehend the effects of the intentional discourse, that manifests itself when the ones in power spoon feed us topics of hot debate one after the other. We the people think we're so smart. These topics if you will take notice are used over and over again. The powers that be have no real plans to make a ruling one way or the other on any of these topics. Its just a way to keep each of us arguing with the only true allies we could possibly have,,, each other. You know...united we stand divided we fall? So go ahead..keep trying to tell evey one else how they should live their life instead of paying attention to who is really running yours.
What brand is the dress that Samantha Jones wears in the Sex and the City The movie in the Mexico scene?
When its in the scene of them at the restaurant in Mexico having dinner and they're all wearing long dresses, Samantha's is yellow and absolutely GORGEOUS can anyone tell me what brand it is or if its for sale somewhere or if its available? ANYTHING!?!?!?!

i neeeeeed it for my 18th birthday next year :) its just remarkable and so unique!
I have the book which has all of the outfits in it. The yellow dress is definitely unique as it's vintage. However the shoes are Patricia Field and the clutch bag is Oscar de la Renta.
Need a list of movies in the last year that are for sale right now for gift list...?
So, I have a wicked busy life right now, job pressure, new baby, cleaning house...etc. My dad informed me that he wanted a list of movies from me that HE would like so he could tell people what to buy him for X-mas. Crazy right! But that's my dad. I was hoping you guys could help me out here and save a new MOM some time.

My dad likes:
-Romantic comedies
-Anything with Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan
-Sci-fi, but not horror
-nothing animated
-Loves sequels for stuff he already has.
-He's not into sex scenes, and doesn't care for a lot of blood and guts

His favorite movies are When Harry Met Sally, Any Star Trek, and A Fish Called Wanda, and Anything baseball related.

Please HELP!!!!!
The Proposal is a romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock, but I don't know if its out on DVD, but it should be.

Another good movie is Taking of Pelham 123, it doesn't fit any of the categories, but its about a subway that gets hijacked. Anyways it was very good, the only problem was language(lots of F bombs), not much blood at all.
I was wondering do people have sex in a victoria secret store?
I saw a movie can not remember the name but a guy went into a Victoria Secret store to buy his girlfriend sexy lingerie and ends up having sex with the sales girl who simple just want to model lingerie for him to help him pick out something for his girlfriend.
wtf.ok that is so wrong in like five diffrent would the salesgirl be modeling lingerie for him?thats like against the literally),but i dont think salesgirls cant do that.or if they can theyre proly just sluts and very desperate.haha.two..its amovie..i dont think it would happen in real life well it might..anythings if you want to have sex with your boyfriend or husband whatever in a victoria secret store then do whatever you want.idk about anybody else.....p.s-if yer worried about Y0UR bf goin into the store and having sex with a salesgirl.dont stress
Do some directors put their hot wives in movies to gain more viewers?
Like Rob Zobie for example. He puts his hot wife in most of his movies, I think he does it to get more people to watch. Ever heard of "sex sales"? Notice he doesn't mind having his wife strip teasing and showing her butt in his films. Do some guys do, have their attractive girlfriends/wives in their movies to gain more male viewers?
It's either that, or the guys want to be sure of where their wives are at all times. Or maybe the wives will work cheap.
Need help with some serious questions involving drug and sex trafficking ?
I would like to write a story (for my personal pleasure no one else's) dealing with drug and sex trafficking. Besides the movies and other fictional books where can I get some serious information? I have tried looking online, but there doesn’t seem to be the answers I am looking for. I would love to know the ins and outs of both traffics. It seems simple, make or produce the goods, find a buyer, over charge and make the sale. But I am sure there is a lot more to it then that. I have tried looking for statistics and cold hard facts, even documentaries and I seem to be coming up short.

If anyone has any good suggestions please give them. I just want to know the ins and out of the drug/sex trafficking.

Thanks for any help!
U.S. Department of Justice will have information about it. Look under publications.
Anybody see the "Sex and the City" movie?
What did you think of it. I didn't get a chance to go and see it but I was wondering if it was good or not. I have seen every episode of the show at least once or twice. I want to buy the movie when it comes out for sale.
If you liked the show you'll love the movie. I haven't cried in eight years and that movie had me bawling and as soon as the credits rolled I was on the phone with my bf telling him how much I loved him.
What is the truth of the Mizuage? Did it involve sex or not?
There is much controversy other the truth of the Mizuage Geisha ceremony. Films like Memoris of A Geisha depict it as a sale of one's virginity, this is also supported by others. However it has also been stated that this is not the case. Especially by Mineko Iwasaki (who was a real geisha heavily interviewed for the book and then movie). However she was a fairly recent Geisha.

What is the truth?
It involves a Geisha for sure losing her virginity via a bid for her virginity.
What is the title of that movie?
The plot evolves around a teenager who decides to sit outside of his neighbor's house for the whole summer. He does this because he has a crush the girl.
Some other facts: His friend has sex with a watermellon, His grandfather dies, his dad kicks him out of the house and sells his stuff at a yard sale. The movie has also been on television.

I can't figure out the name of this movie, any help would be appreciated.
Eight Days a Week (1997)
Peter loves his next door neighbour Erica and, on the advice of his grandfather, decides to camp out on her front lawn for the entire summer, or until she agrees to go out with him. ... His friend, Matt, thinks Peter should give up on women like he has and just have sex with fruit ...
Joshua Schaefer
Keri Russell (as the dream girl)
R.D. Robb
Catherine Hicks (of "Seventh Heaven" TV series)
Darleen Carr
Are mother in laws curious about son in laws sex habits?
my wife will be home in 6 months.
I've been staying with Mother in law for last 8 months since sale of our home.
We have been getting along so great and it feels like we are a couple.
I pleasure myself in the guest room at night and lately i have been noticing mother in law walking by my room and stopping when i lay in bed and do it to myself.I make groans and sex noises when i can see her shadow under the door.this makes me so excited and i get really wanting her.

What if I made a move on her this friday night ?..we are going to the movies and out for dinner.she got free movie tickets from work and i will buy dinner.
she must be lonely since her husband passed away years ago..before i met her and im lonely too.
what do you think..i really like her more than a mom in law.
it just show that u dont love ur wife and that ur a pig ,

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