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Wer i will get cute pictures of Indian girls feet?
Girls feet pictures
Why do you need pictures of that? Pedophile alert!
Are candid pictures/videos of teenage girls feet considered to be guyhood pornography?
I have a foot fetish. I tend to look at videos of girls feet. I had a friend who was arrested for possession of guyhood pornography. I just wanted to see if what I am watching could get me arrested as well
As long as those pictures are strictly feet and they are not simulating a sex act and/or touching another person in a sexual manner (intentional or not), you will be fine. Generally speaking, feet are not considered to be an erogenous zone by the law...
Can you email me a few pictures of Black Girls Feet?
i know it kinda sounds weird, but i need a few pics for my school project,
please email the pictures to

please, and i would really appretiate it
the person who sends the most, gets 10 points
This is an odd request..
Do girls keep pictures of their feet on photobucket?
I just read on Answers that a large percentage of girls have a photo of their feet on photobucket. Best answer to the girl that posts a link to their feet picture!
no... wtf??!!
How to take a picture of this girls feet in heels?
I want to take a picture of her feet without her realizing it.what are some things or excuses i could say to take a picture of her feet in them.?
Pretend you are looking through some previously taken photos on your camera's memory, while pointing it at the floor.
Taking pictures of feet?
Hello, i am getting worried about my friend getting into deep trouble. My friend likes to take pictures of girls feet(dont ask me why i dont know) he spends most of his idle time standing by girls who are wearing sandals and takes pictures of their feet with his camera phone. I really have no problem with this but i have heard form him he has gotten caught a few times and different things have happened. He tells me sometimes the firl just pays him no mind, other times they move away from him, but many times they think since he is a guy, he is taking pictures of their faces and have either told a teacher or the authorities. We arre both in college and he is 18. i tell him to stop doing it because even though it is only feet, he can still be busted since they do not know what he is taking them for. I dont know why he takes those pictures but all i know is he needs to stop doing it as and everyday habbit. what should i say or do to keep him out of trouble?
The guy has a foot fetish. I don't get the turn on, but it's not all that uncommon. You really don't want to know what he's doing with the pics (use your imagination). I'd probably tell the guy to stop doing it before he runs across the wrong person. He could get in trouble with the police if they know what he's doing. Worse yet, he could run into a girl with a very angry boyfriend, brother or father. If he's that turned on by feet, have him surf for pics on-line.
Is looking at a picture of a girls feet considered lust?
I'm guessing for the people who have feet fetish, or even me or you come across a picture of a foot model, she is not naked, i'm wondering because lust is considered thinking about a woman you are not married to in bad ways, for example intercourse. but for people who have fetishes for feet, that isn't lust, is it?
It's difficult because lust is a religious concept. That pretty much guarantess that its old and that there are differing opinions about it. In some Christian groups lust is any kind of thinking that you consciously do to get yourself aroused by somebody you should not be having sex with in the church's eyes. So by that definition, if the feet arouse you secually, then yes, it's lust. Also that probably means you have a foot fetish.
In some other religions the only bad sexual behavior is actual actions. So you can think about whatever you want as long as you don't TRY to see the person naked, or have sex with this. This still doesn't leave too much room because sometimes you still aren't allowed to masturbate. But there are all varieties.
And then there's people like me who believe that as long as you aren't hurting anyone it's all good. Remember, it is very natural to have sexual thoughts.
Why do girls take pictures of their feet?
i only seen girls taking pictures if their feet that,why do they do that?
its kind of dumb.
i don't know why,it is very weird.
why do they do that.

and some girls do it even when they nasty feet.
its very stupid,i see it all the time and i hate it!

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