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Needing nipple toys.?
I'm interested in purchasing some nipple suckers like these:

I was wondering if these really work and curious of other peoples experience with them Thanks.
DUDE! you can't post that site here... hahahahaha!!

i'll take care of that for you if you ask nice! like on your knees! ;-)
What does it mean when a dogs nipple is swollen?
My dog is not pregnant and it seems her nipple keeps growing and it has two very small bumps around it. It's has only happened to one of her nipples. The rest are fine. She humps a toy that is her size like a teddy bear almost everyday. I guess it could be possible that she could be in heat but I am just concerned about why only one of her nipples have grown very large. It started growing a few months ago and has grown alot recently.
It could be a serious infection. Please have a vet check it.
What are some cute guyren's toys that will fit in a shoebox?
1. What are some cute guyren's toys that don't take too much room in a shoebox (preferably staying wrapped)?

2. What is a cheap brand where I can get at least 3 bottles and nipples for only $10-15?

Please use a link for these. Thanks!
travel board games
playing cards
video games
teddy bears
GUYS: What do you think about girl's with nipple piercings?
I personally don't have one, but plan to in the future.
I am into nipple torture and like pain, so I know it is perfect for me as an individual. Don't worry, I plan on fully researching my future piercer and all that jazz.

Guys do you like it because its an extra toy to pull on, play with, look at? Does the sight of it turn you on? Disgust you, why?
theyre super hot. i love them. my friend liked her's to be pulled and would let me get pretty rough with it which was awesome. so much fun to play with! its hard finding girls who are into that kinda pain :P
Is it acceptable to use bondage/S&M toys with multiple partners/girlfriends?
girls, how would u feel about a guy youre dating owning a number of s&m and bondage toys that he wanted to use on you. would you be excited, or would you feel uncomfortable with the fact that he probably used them on another girl or two before you? ie: mouth clamps, nipple clams, handcuffs, whips, etc. or do you not like those things to begin with?
lol really? i think you know deep down that girls who you truly are into you and they are into you are not going to want your nipple clamps on them once they have been on another girls whom they do not know. just saying :p if its someone who isnt special and its a one night stand hey, its up to them. if they are special i think you will not want to scare them away with your suitcase of toys.

Good luck with those clamps
What does it mean when a girl strokes your nipple?
I tried to return the favor but she drew back and giggle. Was she toying with me? Or am I just tripping, falling and can't get up with this thing called flirting?
well... trying to return the favor back to her is pretty much something TOTALLY different for her. If you did it to HER chest, that would be terribly inappropriate v_v
If she did it to you, she's probably just admiring your chest or she could just be joking around, twisting your nipple. (I'm told it's painful, but my friends like to mess with guys like that)
How can I tell if my four month old is teething?
How can I tell if my four month old is teething? He keeps gnawing on things (fingers, bottle nipples, and toys) He seems like his gums are bothering him but I've always heard they start teething later. Is it possible for him to be teething already? He will be four months on March 13th.
Absolutely it is possible. My daugher is 3 1/2 months old and has been teething for a couple of weeks. The average guy begins around 6 months, but they can start as early as two months. I have even heard my father (doctor) say that babies are born with front teeth (very rare, though).

Slight fever, difficulty eating or sleeping, excessive drooling or gas, fist, blankets, toys in mouth are all signs of teething. Follow your instinct, they are correct.

Even though they are starting this early, we still may not see teeth for several months. The symptoms may come and go each day, as well.

Good luck with your little one.
My toy poodle has a lump under her nipple!?
I have a toy poodle puppy who is almost 3 pounds and she is almost 7 months old. She started acting really weird. Everytime I got near her she would shake and act really scared. She used to follow me around everywhere and she's never in the same room as me! When I pick her up, she seems to be in pain and she doesn't run anymore, she just walks. I felt a soft lump under her nipple today and it is a soft lump. What is wrong with her?!
breast cancer.
Using the same toys with multiple partners?
how would u feel about someone youre dating owning a number of s&m and bondage toys that they wanted to use on you. would you be excited, or would you feel uncomfortable with the fact that they probably used them on another sex partner or two before you? ie: mouth clamps, nipple clams, handcuffs, whips, etc. (or do you not like those things to begin with?)
OK, for me, I throw everything away. I MEAN EVERYTHING! Nighties, toys, EVERYTHING. It is just wrong on so so many levels. My EX partner opened a box once, pulled out some toys that had clearly been used and abused. I find it disrespectful, tacky and gross!
Why is it stimulating to have your nipples caressed and toyed with?
what works best for you?

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