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Any work on fiction whose main characters are nasty people doing nasty things and living happily ever after?
It can be books, movies, comics, TV series, etc, you can suggest anything that fits the label. Thanks!
I like to call them the "book b*tches"...Scarlett O'Hara, Undine Spragg, and other heroines we love to hate. Google it...I'm sure you'll find some kind of list.
How can I safely remove the "damp" "mildew" smell from old comics/ magazines?
There doesn't appear to be any real damage only a very stale nasty niff
The only suggestion I can make is to put them out in the sunshine for as long as poss. However I have just read someone's tip of putting fabric conditioner sheets in between some of the pages and then putting the items in a zip lock bag and suctioning the air out with a vacuum cleaner. It apparently worked, but I would add that the things would need to be dry before placing them in a poly bag.
Who is your Favorite Villian in Books, movies, comics, etc.?
Who do you assume is the nastiest villain of all time. Some may say the Joker, other say Hannibal and a few others say Dr. Doom or the Master (from DR. Who)

Now you pick the worst villain of all time and why?

10 points for the best
My two favorite villains in the comic books are
1) DC: The Joker. Started out normal enough--a failing comedian struggling to support his pregnant wife. But then he had a bad day (which is an understatement if I've ever heard one).
"All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That's how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day. You had a bad day once. Am I right? You had a bad day and everything changed" --The Joker

2) Marvel: Venom. He is probably the most kick-a$$ villain I've ever seen in a comic book. He -looks- horribly creepy; he -acts- horribly creepy, and he turns out to be an anti-hero, rather than a complete villain, which somehow makes him an even better villain in his earlier days. (I seriously hope they make a Venom vs. Carnage movie...)

3) Disney: Judge Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This is a villain that shouldn't even -be- in a Disney movie. He is by far the scariest a guyren's cartoon has to offer (in my opinion). A religious zealot that sentences heretics to death while he lusts after a woman his beliefs condemn. "It's not my fault, I'm not to blame. It is the gypsy girl--the witch that set this flame. It's not my fault. It's in God's plan--He made the devil so much stronger than a man." This villain ranks in my nastiest -only- because he is a Disney villain. He has the shock-factor on his side.

4) Movie: John Doe from "Se7en". A detached religious 'vigilante', teaching the dirty world a lesson by torturing his victims in ironic ways (based on whichever of the 7 deadly sins they stood for). John Doe would probably win in this match, because I've never quite been able to erase the image of that condom made from knives. He actually made the prostitute's costumer put it on by gunpoint, and then have 'relations' with her--killing her in the process. That's pretty messed up. A hard-core kind of messed up.

(But I liked Nicholas Cage in Face/Off, too. Which is weird, because I very rarely like Cage in anything...)
Which contry's political leaders have maximum number of comic jokers doing nasty tamashas in & out of houses(?
(both upper & lower) ones & in front of TV news channels too ?
We, the people of India are the first in this line
Are books safe inside a temperature controlled storage unit?
My family is getting rid of their house and for awhile they will need a storage unit. I'm going to chip in so I can add a lot of my boxes. I have quite a few comics/graphic novels and books, so I guess my question is: If I get a temperature controlled storage unit, do those normally work pretty well? I just don't want my thing to get all damp and nasty, so I figured I would ask someone on here that's actually used one.

Your books should be safe. The temperature/climate controlled units, depending on where you live, should also control humidity. Ask whether the units have some sort of humidity control. You're looking for a steady, non-fluctuating moisture level and temperature. Ask the manager if they have a handheld humidity detector (hygrometer) that will reassure you. The humidity of the unit itself should stay under 50%.

Depending on what are you live in, theft may be a bigger issue that climate control. Ask about security features of the facility as well, and request to see their security video feed. Storage units have become a target for thieves, who would be glad to take your comics and books in hopes that they have some street value.
What comics do you recommend for a 5-year-old?
Okay I read and collect a TON of comics. I haven't seen my nephew since he was a baby and now he's 5! And coming over! My sister let me talk to him on the phone and he seemed so cantankerous but sorta cute. He said his mom told him I collected comic books and he wanted to read some. I think he's too young to read well anyway- but I don't want him looking at graphic fights and I'm sure he can read "kill". He already seems like a nasty little thing and I don't wanna get in trouble. O.o His mom only lets him watch baby shows where the major conflict is a spill of Tubby custard. So I own a lot of comics I think he can read- even have, I just need help with what's appropriate. And nothing too valuable! Grubby little peanut buttery hands removing packaging or sticky ruining... yuck. I don't wanna eliminate all things! I just know I was watching Batman when I was 5 and reading comics at 7. I just don't know what to let him read. Maybe I'm too paranoid, lol.
check out boom comics. they are putting out disney comics right now. and i have been getting the toy story one for my son. they also have the incredibles and finding nemo i believe. google boom studios and check out their comics. they are good for little guys.
What celebrities have you met in real life? were they nice, nasty or indifferent?
a recent question reminded me of the time I met the comic personality 'Willie Rushton' and shared a train journey. A very nice guy, who was obviously busy (reading a script IIRC) but who was willing to chat for a few minutes.
I met king &Queen of spain when they visited our university in late seventies,the Queen was very kind to sign a student autograph ,when she cannot lean at any thing she used his back to do so.
Is it wrong that I don't like to cuddle after doing the nasty?????????????
I'm kind of new at this whole sex thing; I'm 29 and have only done it three time before without my hand puppet (although I did do it twice in one night) but I'm a busy guy, I've got beer to drink, Archie comics to read and socks to iron...she shouldn't be mad at me should she???
Woo hoo! Now that's funny!Question is..... Should YOU be mad if she didn't show up at all?
Do you think Megan Fox is a try hard?
She might be a guys' girl but I think sometimes she tries too hard to come off as a rebellious girl who all the boys can get along with.

She panders too much to her male fan base.

Wearing a star wars shirt and telling everyone you love comics. She was even caught out once because a reporter caught her not knowing some movie she allegedly loved.

She goes off at girls for being nasty and mean. Why would you attack your own gender to get ahead with the opposite sex?

Can't someone just be themselves?
finally! someone else is thinking the exactly what im saying. She pretty but she tries to hard to say what she thinks men want her to say or what to hear. And when she opens her mouth i went from liking her to hating her. She will be calling on girls to help her when someone better looking comes along or when her plastic surgery wears off.
When I become stinking, filthy, dirty, nasty rich....?
...and you see me sitting in the park, throwing sandwich meat at the pigeons and reading the new Betty and Veronica comic spectacular featuring special guest Jughead, where will you ask me to sign an autograph?
Since you would proabably lay around there all day until a squirrel pissed in your hat or a dog stole your sausages I would have time to go home get your book and come back with it and have you sign it.

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