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Help! accidently deleted files on my DVD-RW that i dont know how to get back... PLEASE READ?
(you can skip the first part, its just background. Start reading where i put the stars)
So for my church talent show, a group of us, Adults and Teens, got together and made videos to be basically spoofs of commercials that they are planning on playing periodically thru out the night. Well, the owner of the video camera didn't know how to edit and had no software for it, and since i am looking into it as a profession, I immediatly accepted the task of taking it home and editing.
******* My first problem came when he handed me a DVD-rw from his camera. I am used to mini-dvd but i assumed it would work fine with my adobe premiere elements 8 anyways.
well... i got home and inserted the DVD to edit but it wouldnt work with adobe and it said the disk had to be finalized or something. I googled it and it said it wont be able to be finalized since its a DVD-rw and just change the .VRO into mpeg. i then decided i would try to move the 3 files that were on the DVD-rw into a folder on my computer. some error message popped up twice and i clicked okay without reading it thinking it didnt move and i just had to find another way to move them to my computer. when i went back into Computer then the contents of the DVD-rw it said it had nothing on it. I went and checked in the folder and all it had was the IFO file. So WHERE are my video and audio files?!?! ( the onle others on the disk were .VRO and something else) but i cant find them ANYWHERE. PLEASEEE HELP. i am most definently awarding best answer and i will give thumbs up to the others if you atleast attempt to help. We cant film again, and i have to finish editng it by friday. the talent shows saturday.
I recommed you to use Leawo Free DVD CreatorIt can burn videos to dvd with menu easily and quickly.Download Leawo Free DVD Creator here:… Wish it can help, good luck!
Does anyone have karaoke videos?
Hi, I'm looking for a few karaoke videos in a regular video format (avi, mpeg, wmv) and I can't find any on Bearshare, Limewire or similar. Could anyone supply me with the following?

1. ANY My Chemical Romance Songs
2. Bon Jovi - Have a Nice Day (or any from the recent album)
3. Green Day - Holiday, American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Jesus of Suburbia & Minority
4. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
5. Lynyrd Sknyrd - Free Bird

These are for personal use only by the way, so they won't be used in bars or at public parties.
Also, please don't tell me to look on Limewire or Bearshare, because I have, and no spammy answers!

i did had one but it was too old, i smashed it with an axe :D
I have an audio file that has secret pictures attached or hidden inside it?
I did a scan of my computer tonight using avast... it scanned all but one file saying the archive is password protected... the strange thing about it is its not an archive it is an mpeg layer 3 audio file.. Taylor swift-white horse.mp3 that my wife downloaded using blubster.. then it gives a list of files within it:
Program files\blubster\my shared folder\06-taylor swift-whitehorse.mp3\untitled folder\teen_amatuer_pics_(sets of number).jpg
there are 8 files total including the song itself that comes up... i cant get to anything but the song... I have searched my computer very thoroughly and cant figure out how to find them. i understand i could just delete or quarantine the file but I have never ran accross this ever and have been dealing with computers and security for some time now... it intrigues me on how this was done. can anyone help or explain any of this?? if you have questions I will monitor the question for a bit and respond in the added information so check the question again if you asked for any more info from me.
There is software out there that can combine files together. I think they're called file splitters or something. People can use it to hide a file inside another one, and to extract it, they must use the software to retrieve it. Although, for your case, I wouldn't extract it cause it sounds like theirs porn in it...

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