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Do you think slit skirts are the best choice for mature women who still like to show their legs?
There's a lady in the office who is in her late 50's. She still has shapely legs and likes to show them. She wears her skirts below her knees but there's a long slit on one side (sometimes both) that allows her to expose her legs when she is sitting, especially when she crosses her legs. I'm sure that if she wore mini skirts, as she did when she was young, she would look ridiculous
Women in their 50's really aren't old, and I imagine that most of them still feel vibrant and sexy. I imagine that she feels that way and is confident with what she wears. I bet she also gets alot of appreciative looks from men.
RELIGIOUSLY speaking...How hard is it keep your legs closed? [mature]?
SPIRITUALLY speaking...Do you the life that follows between your legs?

Sounds pervy, but I my reasons for asking this.
Cheers. All in good faith x)
Before I got married my bf (now husband) and I definitely wanted to go all the way, but we both agreed to wait until our wedding night. We're glad we did. I didn't wait for any religious reason - I was agnostic growing up. I've just always believed you shouldn't be having sex unless you're ready to accept the responsibility of having a guy (which is, of course, a legit possibility no matter what kind of protection you use).
Will contortion give me thin legs?
I'm starting too exercise more and i've always been interested in Contortion, will this help me lose weight? Particulary on my legs? Mature answers please.

I fail to see how contortion by itself will help you loose weight....Developing strength and flexibility however will. Hopefully you have an instructor for this, because an activity like has the potential for devastating injury. If you do not, please attend a Yoga or martial art school. People who engages in this type of activities have an excellent understanding of body mechanics (more so than fitness instructor): knowing and understanding how your body works is a good step in avoiding injuries.
My mom wont let me shave my legs!!!! everytime i ask her she says she wnats to know if im mature enough!!!?
wat does mature enough mean to her!!! all my fwends do it im 12 soon to be 13 in toc wat do i do i want smooth silky legs and i think shaving is fun =) lol i noe it gets more and more but ill shve ervyday if i have to someone HELP!1!!
Well, it's your mom's decision when to start letting you shave your legs, but I let my daughter start at age 12. I just showed her how to do it, and let her go. She just turned 14, and she still takes better care of her legs than I do. LOL But I can tell you, you might say right now that you'll shave them every day if you have to, but it gets old real quick, believe me. Especially when you get a cut. Ow!

Personally, I just set the rule at age 12 for all my girls (I have 4 girls, but the next oldest is still not shaving at age 9). From then on, whether they're going to shave or not is up to them. They can let their legs get hairy and gross for all I care, but if they don't want their friends to tease them, they'll keep them shaved or at least wear long jeans. There are worse things for me to worry about than whether my daughters shave their legs or not.

Maybe your mom is worried that once you start shaving your legs, you'll want to wear more revealing clothing. Which is a concern of mine, too. I make sure my daughters know what is not acceptable for them to wear as long as they're under my roof. They've been taught that since they were toddlers, so they know I won't back down, and they don't want to look trashy either.

Or, she could just be worried that you're growing up and you're not her little girl anymore. In that case, just be patient and obey her rules, be a good guy and do good in school, and she'll eventually give you permission. She'll probably also end up wanting to do all kinds of fun "girl stuff" with you, when you reach those teenage years and she gets to show you how to put on your makeup, what kind of clothes are flattering, etc. I'm still waiting to do those things with my 14-year-old. The last "girly" thing I did with her was pluck her bushy eyebrows - and that was after 2 weeks of bugging her about them. LOL She won't wear makeup or wear nice clothes, and is only interested in books. I don't mind that, she's a great guy but not much fun in the "girly" department.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make this as long as it is. By the way, I was about 13 when my mom started letting me shave my legs.
How to I ask my mom if I can shave my legs?
I'm not really the type to tell my mom or ask her anything.
I would go to a store and buy myself one but I'm scared if my mom finds out. I'm embarrassed to ask her thought. It's going to be summer soon and I don't want to walk around with dark hair on my legs.
And I hate to bring "Mature" things up. Help?
i think just buy it on your own and do it. just hide it from your mom and even if she finds out, i doubt she'll be angry.
Are my legs chubby? (pics included) Serious and mature answers only please?!?
Are my legs chubby? if so, any tips to make it skinnier? Im pretty short (about 5ft) if that helps.
Serious answers only please, thanks.……
they're not too bad, just thickish
What do you do if a guy only pays attention to 'your northern region" and legs?
i have a lot of guys in my grade that like me and pay attention to me
i am 5'9'' @ 13 ... and pretty mature in the upper section...
sometimes i can't tell when i get asked out, if their asking me for the right reasons?
my legs are also an attention drawer..
can you give some adivice to c if the guy is askin me out for the right reason... and how to make them pay attention to my personaility and pretty face?
Kick him in the Southern region!!!.
How long does it take a green tree frog to mature
How long does it take a (common) green tree frog to mature to a full sized adult from the time it first develops front legs. An approximation is fine. I know growth rates are dependent on quality/quantity of food, water, temperatures etc. If you have sources for your information please list them. Thank you for your help.
2 years is sometimes sooner but if ur looking to breed 2 years old is a good start point

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