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I want to make a manga movie. Where can i find someone who will animate it for me?
I wanna make a movie for HnKnA ( Hearts no Kuni no Alice AKA Alice in the Country of Hearts) What Anime Software would i use and if not where can i find someone who will animate it for me?
Look on youtube, Type In " Mark, How To Draw Manga.."
How many manga-ka actually wrote an anime movie for their manga?
The only anime movie I know that the manga-ka for the anime personally wrote was the 10th One Piece film.
i think the author of case closed (aoyama gosho) does all 14 of them, conan's movies, i mean
Where can i download the manga movie appleseed?
where can i download the manga movie appleseed????
ive tried in limewire but it aint working
were else can i donwload it
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Differences between Naruto manga and the movie?
I am doing a media assignment and I need to discuss the differences between the manga version of Naruto and the movie based of it (Naruto: ninja clash in the land of snow)
So far I have got: the way the message is presented and characters...I was wondering if anyone could suggest any other differences.

- in the movie they are only using information that was mentioned in the TV series.
- the movie is always a filler
- the story is usually worse than original Naruto, because it wasn't written by the original writer.
- the movie events do not influence the characters development at all
If i were to buy the YU-GI-OH! Movie ani manga from amazon at this time would i get the promo card?
I was wondering if i bought the Yugioh movie ani manga off amazon then would i still get the free slifer the sky dragon that comes with it or is it not posssible to get it anymore. Please give a detailed answer.
I don't think it is possible. Sorry. But you can still buy Sleifer at a store.

(lol at Ryly's comment)
Is Inuyasha Movie 2 in the manga series?
I don't know if it is. So Is the second movie in the manga series?
inuyasha the movie 2 is not based on the manga, none of the inuyasha movies is from the manga.
What is the best live action anime/manga movie you've seen so far?
or your top 10 or 5.. answer anyway you like.
Live action: Oldboy
Anime: GTO
Manga: one piece
movie: princess mononoke
Manga,anime or foreign movie where the setting is in the phillipines?
I want to read or watched a anime/manga where the setting is in the philippines. i read madommoisel butterfly and i love it! it can be an anime, manga, foreign movies or commercials
I guess Cinderella Monogatari is in filipino ^^;
I don't know about the setting though...

You can watch it in youtube
Book, movie, anime, manga without a boy comming to a girl's rescue?
I'm trying to find a book, movie, anime or manga series where a boy doesn't come to the girls rescue. Where she learns to stand on her own or something new.
I'm tired of reading about a girl struggling and then a boy rescuing her...
Any suggestions?

Otomen - manga

It's about a guy who's into girly and cute stuff, but tries desperately to hide it at school and seems really manly for school. He starts falling for this really tomboy girl. In this manga, the girl saves the guy =D It's pretty funny and cute too.

Lovely Complex - anime/manga

It's about a really tall girl falling for a shorter guy. There's really no 'saving' going on. It's just a love story that's really funny and sweet =)

Kare Kano - anime/manga

The relationship of the main couple is pretty equal. It's about a girl that's incredibly smart and seems like the perfect student, but does it all while being fake. She meets a guy just like her, but he's the real thing. At first she sees him as a rival, but then realizes she's actually falling for him. She's a really independant and intelligent character.

Tokoy Crazy Paradise - manga

One of the things I love best about this manga is that the main girl can actually FIGHT and well too! It's set in 2020 and society is morally corrupt with gangs running rampant and girls getting raped in broad daylight. The main girl was raised as a guy to protect herself from getting raped. She also knows how to defend herself and those around her. When her parents die, she and her brothers get kicked out of their house and she ends up going to her classmate, who's the leader of a prominent gang, for help. Circumstances cause her to eventually become his 24/7 bodyguard =) Really good storyline, characters, and romance too!!

Skip Beat - anime/manga

Again, there's really no 'rescuing' in this one. It's about a girl that moved to tokyo, left school, and took on 2 jobs to pay for an expensive apartment all for Fuwa Shou who's goal is to become famous in Tokyo. It anime/manga starts off with him already famous, yet she's still working 2 jobs and paying for things. She finds out that he never had any feelings for her and only saw her as a 'maid' or 'slave'. She's infuriated and swears revenge, joining the entertainment industry to do so. The main character strives to do her best for herself and is a very strong person =)

Beauty Pop - manga

It's about a girl who's a really good hairstylist and goes to a school where they have a group of guys who are heirs of big makeup/hair/manicurist companies. They give random makeovers to girl that has a 100% rate of sucess when confessing to the guy you like after their makeovers. Narumi, who is the hairstylist of the group finds out about the main girl and challenges her to a duel in front of the whole school. It's a pretty cute and funny manga.


Uglies by Scott Westerfeld - the main girl is really independant and strong and does things for herself. The guys are kind of just on the sidelines, though still there. It's a really good read too!

Tithe by Holly Black - It's mostly about her discovering of the faerie world and who she really is - a changeling. She finds out she's actually a pixie. It's a pretty dark, adventurous, and romantic read =)
What japanese manga has a movie version of it?
I am looking for mangas that had a movie version of it, please help me.
(Offers cookies and cakes as thanks for even looking at this question)
full metal alchemist
cc sakura
dragon ball
code geass
gainax evangelion
one piece
air gear
final fantasy
flame of recca
wel ther is a lot of them i forgot the other oyu mean the OVA too?

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