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All Comments

How far can a average human man pee from a toilet?
What is the distance that a average man pee from the toilet?
If you mean sitting down on a toilet, the average human man wouldn't.

If you mean peeing into a toilet from a distance away, that's a different question.
Is it wrong if a man choses to pee sitting down?
i usually pee sitting down. and some people i know think it's wrong or gay if a man pees sitting down. i know that i can choose to pee sitting down and not be gay or have something wrong with with me.
It is not wrong if a man wants to sit down when he goes pee. It does not make you gay in any way. I am a guy and i do it all the time, especially first thing in the morning when i am just waking up. If you want to sit down when you pee it is your choice to make.
Women are you jealous that a Man can pee anywhere?
I want to know truthfully how women feel about the subject of a man peeing any where. I would like to know when you say that's gross if you are jealous or telling the truth. I would like to know women's thoughts on the subject please give details.
Let's ask R. Kelly.
What would make a grown man pee the bed without knowing it ?
ok what would be wrong if a grown man that has never had a problem with peeing the bed al of a sudden wakes up in a pile of pee that he did with out knowing , is this a medical thing ?
It could be Diabetes he might want to think about going to the Dr. When my father was developing Diabetes that happened to him 2 times and it was while he had to much sugar. I hope this is not the reason but he might want to check it out.
What do you think of the Moroccan man who pee's on the side of the road?
I see this quite often. It seems some men can't find a toilet so they stop wherever they are, turn their back to the street and pee right there.
This is so offensive and disgusting.
Why don't these men have any shame? Would they think it okay for a woman to squat on the side of the road and pee? Where is the water they should clean with? Do they pray after that?

I don't want to get close enough but I have this desire to walk up behind them and push them into their own stream! This is one of the most disrespectful, shameful acts I see on the street on a regular basis.
I get so angry when I see this. I see it all the time in Rabat too. I once saw a man in a wheel chair just pull it out, lean over and pee right there in full sight of everyone walking by. I have also seen women tell young guyren to pull down their pants and poop against the wall in the along the main street in Rabat. In the summer the area where the taxis line up smells so horrible, you cannot possibly stand to walk by it. And, many times I see parents stop their guyren right on the sidewalk, open their pants and have them pee right there.

I know you are not bashing Moroccans, by the way. I have seen it firsthand so many times and everytime I get angry. My husband, a Moroccan, is embarassed by these people and their ignorance. I know it's a different culture but... some things are not acceptable, I don't care WHERE you live.
During intercourse can a man pee inside a woman?
Ok it may sound gross but I'm curious. Is it possible? And if it can is it dangerous to the woman?
no that is impossible. while a man has an erection it is impossible. there are two tubes that connect at the urethra. one secretes sperm and the other expels urine. there is a muscle that covers one tube while leaving the other one open. a man cannot ejaculate while urinating and a man cannot urinate while aroused or ejaculating. it is possible, but the man must be deformed, i guess. urinating inside the vagina isn't bad because urine comes out of the vagina, right? and besides R. Kelly pissed on that one girl and she turned out alright, lol. hope i answered your question.
How bad is it when a 47 year old man pee's blood?
ok, so today my father experienced a situation while using the restroom. He urinated a decent amount of blood and as he..... yeah.... he had a stomach pain and inflammation as well as discomfort. He hasn't urinated blood since then but it's still worrying all of the family. How bad is this situation? what is this a sign of or what is it due to?
Blood in your stool or urine is NEVER a good sign and always warrants a trip to the doctor. It could be any number of things. Disregard the fact that it hasn't happened since; it happened and he needs to see a doctor.

It could be something as benign as a bladder infection, which still needs to be treated, or something much more serious. Please have him see a physician.
Is it ok for a man to pee sitting down?
A man should always stand right? If he sits to pee, should you revoke his man card, subject him to public ridicule, make him run for beer? or am I wrong?
Ok.. I have to say that I know a few people who do this... some very close to me... and.. well... OH I hate to say this, but... NO IT IS NOT. Wussies!! (Please don't tell them I said that!!)
How long does it take a man to pee.?
Honestly, how long from the point you start to pee to the time the pee stops comming out (10 sec., 20 sec., 1 min., more? Incase you are wondering I am asking because I think I am supposed to have more urine. I can drink a liter of water but still only pee for about 6 sec. I used to pee for at least 20 seconds.
Then try drinking a whole litre of water in just one go. It will surely help.

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