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Latin for "Bros before hoes"?
It's for a school project...and I take latin, I'm just looking for the word for "prostitute" I guess, or any other degrading term for women...jk...but not really.

So it'd be...

Fratres Prae...
I'd say "vires prae meretrices."

"Men before whores."

"Frater" is too literal. It means "brother," but not in the contemporary sense that you are thinking.
Hoe do you say i do not want you to kill your brother in latin?
ANd can someone check my endings i hate latin thank god there is only 2 more weeks i suck at it please help me its for a project
Fratrem tuem occidere non volo.
Why don't Latin/Hispanic women complain about being exploited?
Theres been a lot of media attention for years about Black women being supposedly exploited in music videos. Theres been debates, protests, news pieces, articles, and more on that situation for more than a decade but why doesn't anyone say anything about Latin women being exploited on those spanish channels?

I see way more exploitation in those spanish channels than I do in a rap video. All the women that I've seen on the spanish channels are wearing very little clothing, look like bikini models rather than regular women, and portrayed as hoes. Yet nobody says a word, why is that?
we are not being exploited
hunnie we are just a sexy girls and we are proud of it
we dont get naked but we are a sex-y symbol
Latin/black/white women and music videos?
Why do music videos portray black/Latina women and slutty and hoes, and White women in music videos are portrayed as pure and men have to fight to earn their love?

Does this effect society and how we treat women of different races when we date?
depends on what kind of video your talking about. I've seen rock video's where white women are portrayed as sluts and hoes as well.

to answer your question, no it doesn't effect how women are treated......if that were the case then the images in videos would be different according to what African American/Latin men have told me about my white female counter parts and they are perceived and why they date them.
Racist latinos against blacks? claims to be a latin king?
first of all. i know being latino isnt a race and there are black latinos.
i am a person off jamaican/cuban descent.
and this is what was said to me.
"***** get deleted you slutty as skank black *** ****** go pick my cotton hoe"

all i done was say hi. then i got total rudeness back!
and this guy says he's a latin king. he's a dark skinned cuban...very dark....darker than me and quite evidently has some black ancestry in him.
i replied back
"o **** you! thats how you be treatin other cubans. **** you! and you a king too! psssht! you should be ashamesd. thats not the way a king would talk. go **** yourself."
he then replied back
"***** **** yo **** ***** you ain't cuban or king ***** get the **** out mah face bigga 5 Point^^ niggga"
i'm appauled by this! why would someone say this?
it makes me feel sick! why is it i've faced more racism online and none what so ever in 'real life'
and a real true latin king would not speak to someone like that without a true good reason! Im somewhat friends with other kings and never would they speak to me like that...infact they're the most friendly people i've came accross and give advice..they're generally good people deep down.
I'm sorry to hear about your experience.

There is alot of racism out there and even though he was dark skinned and may have had black ancestry. He may not associate being part black as being part of his heritage. Regardless of him being Cuban, unfortunately there are many people out there who hate being black/part black to such an extent that, they will do and say anything. To not be associated with black people, including racist remarks.
There are many dark skinned people in the world who aren't black.

Your complexion is irrelevant. There are many light skinned black people some who are so light that they could easily pass for white and they still experience what you have, for being Black.
Was lucifer really the devil???
Lucifer=light bringing in Latin...hoe can lucifer be the devil????
In the book "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown, an alternate theory for the word "Lucifer" is proposed.

Hundreds of years ago, when the Vatican was in high power, there was a group of scientists who called for enlightenment. They wanted knowledge of the world around them, not believing ridiculous explanations by the church. The Vatican, of course, saw this as a threat to their power and banished the group.

The congregation did not die, but was made stronger. Supposed members of this group were the scientist and astronomer Galileo, and architect / sculptor Bernini. They called themselves the Illuminati, the Illuminators. The group was also called Lucifer, the bringer of light.

The church was fearful that the citizens would catch on to the scientists and turn against the word of God. The church deemed the group as being sacrilegious. In turn, everything about the Illuminati became seen as satanic. Including the word "Lucifer."

(side note) Modern satanists are very different than the scientists who started the Illuminati. These are people who believed the descriptions the church gave of the "evil" group. They began performing practices like devil worship, trying to be like the original rebellion against the church.
Where are the Latin leaders in their communities educating their people about racism?
A Los Angeles-area gang tied to Mexican drug cartels and illegal alien smuggling targeted African-Americans for ethnic cleansing, according to federal racketeering indictments unsealed Thursday.

The Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang, located in the square-mile city of Hawaiian Gardens, began in the 1950’s or 1960’s and has more than 1,000 members, according to federal authorities. The gang has extensive connections to the Mexican Mafia.

According to a 193-page indictment that outlines the racketeering case, the gang, also known as VHG, proudly called itself “The Hate Gang” and “expressed a desire to rid the city of Hawaiian Gardens of all African-Americans and have engaged in a systematic effort to achieve that result by perpetrating crimes” against them.

The dozen acts listed in the indictment include the beating of an African-American male with a garden hoe, and shooting into a home of African-Americans.

The indictment totals 476 “overt acts” VHG have committed since 1992, including the sale of illicit drugs, the killing of rival gang members and “snitches,” and the murder of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Jerry Ortiz.

A press conference announcing the indictment, U.S. Attorney Thomas P. O’Brien took a moment to remember Deputy Ortiz. “It was this hatred of African-Americans that may have spurred the attack on Deputy Jerry Ortiz, who was killed trying to arrest a gang member suspected of trying to shoot an African-American man in the back,” O’Brien said.…
Leaders from both the black and brown communities blame the white power structure for pitting them against each other.
Can anyone help me with my latin homework? Please Help!!!!!?
Romani ferias amaverunt. Totos deos et totas deas celebrare amaverunt. Hoe fecerunt quod dei et dea Romanos adiuvaverunt et defenderunt. Unus deorum quem celebrare amaverunt faunus erat. Faunus erat deuspecorum et fertilitatis. Romani fertilitatem feminarum et pecorum et agroram defendere amaverunt. Faunum mense februario celebraverunt.
Faunus erat deus in silva, sed in oppido Romani Faunum Lupercum appellaverunt. Lupercum in templo in palatino adoraverunt. Ut celebrent Lupercum ei capros et unam canem sacrificaverunt. Tum adulescentuli, Luperci appellati, flagella corio capri fecerunt. Tum circum Palatinum *** flagellis cucurrerunt. Feminas flagellis feriverunt. Tum feminae multos liberos habebunt.
Feminaw nomina in epistula amatoria scripserunt. Epistulas amatorias in urna posuerunt. Vir epistulam amatoriam cepit. Tum amicitiam et amorem feminae petivit.;
The festival of Lupercus

The Romans loved festivals. They loved to celebrate every god and every goddess. They did this because the gods and goddesses helped and defended the Romans. One of the gods whom they loved to celebrate was Faunus. Faunus was the god of cattle and fertility. The Romans loved to defend the fertility of women and cattle and fields and they celebrated Faunus in the month of February.

Faunus was a woodland god, but in town the Romans called Faunus Lupercus. They worshipped Lupercus in the temple on the Palatine Hill. To celebrate Lupercus they sacrificed goats and one dog to him. Then the young men, called Luperci, made whips with the hide of the goats. Then they ran around the Palatine with whips. They struck women with the whips. Then the women had many guyren.

Women wrote names in a love letter. They placed the love letters in an urn. A man took the love letter. Then he sought the woman's friendship and love.
I always thought I was black Mexican and Filipino but I just found out today by my Latin side I am actually?
not Mexican but black Filipino and Spaniard! how much of a difference does this make to my culture hoe different is Mexican from Spaniard?
How different are Mexicans from Spaniards?
Well, a great majority of Mexicans, if not all, have the least bit of Spanish blood within them. As far as I know, when Spaniards emigrated to Mexico, just about all of those that stayed had intercourse with the natives. So I'd say a typical Mexican is at least 30% Spanish, save for the white ones... there are varying degrees. You might already know this but most, if not all, Filipinos also have Spanish/Mexican ancestry. The Philippines is the only Asian country to date to have been conquered by the Spaniards. Spain sent an incredible amount of black and Amerindian slaves from Mexico and Central America to the Philipines. These had intercourse with the Filipino Asians and now you got one hell of a mix. So in conclusion, whichever way you look at it, your ancestry is pretty similar, predominantly Spanish.
What kind of last name is Hoffert?
for example: Lopez is latin...

does anyone know?
i think its pronounced "Hoe-Fert" cause the e makes the o sound like 'ohh'
Hoffert Name Meaning and History
1. German: variant of Hofer.
2. German: from a Germanic personal name Hoffred, composed of hoh ‘high’ + fridu ‘peace’.

Hofer Name Meaning and History
South German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): topographic name for someone who lived at, worked on, or managed a farm, from Middle High German hof ‘farmstead’, ‘manor farm’, ‘court’ + the agent suffix -er. Compare Hoffmann.

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