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What's the deal with older women having major hots for 16yo Justin Bieber?
What's the deal with all these older women getting turned on and so hot and bothered over all these new, much younger 15 & 16 year old boys these days? There's "Twilight Moms" who have crushes on the young teen actors in the movie series, and the "Bieber Babes" who are women over 18 that get turned on looking at Justin Bieber who is only a 15 or 16 year old little guy.
Simple. Curious girls want other girls. Hence why Bieber is so "cute".
When a babe is so hot she makes you do and say stupid things, how do you normalize yourself and the situation?
Just monday night I had this gal so hot she could melt water, walk up and talk to me. I already knew that as soon as she stood right in front of me with full focus, I was going to make a frickin' retard out of myself. Like for example, I will say something that makes no sense at all. She's a dance instructor and she told me that I was keeping in better time with the music than anyone in the class. I go, "Well, I have a pretty good ear for music, just not a good ear for dancing." Yeah, it was kind of funny, but it didn't make sense. When I get nervous I talk almost like Miss South Carolina… . This gal I was talking to is so sexy that even when I try to focus on something like her mouth, I'm still distracted because she has nice lips!
Well, if she is anything like me, she found your behavior to be cute and very attractive...Don't worry so much..and what you did say wasn't was fine. :)
What do teens and ppl in their twenties call attractive women in the year 2009?
In years past, hot women were called foxes, babes, hotties. How about today?
hot, tthey call them hot
Just started writing a teen book can some one please read and tell me what they think...thank you?
Chapter one:
The guilt…in pleasure
Ashley scrambled out of her king size bed, in frustration that she was getting a phone call at the three in the morning breaking her rest for school in the morning. When she read the caller id her best friend Tori named showed up, so she answered expecting it to be an emergency.
“Tor, what’s wrong, what’s up?” Ashley over reacted answering her Iphone.
“Hey Ash, how are you doing babe?” Tori started a conversation in her high pitch voice as if everything was fine.
“Tori…you called me at almost four in the morning just to ask me how I’m doing?” Ashley snapped.
“I’m sorry but I couldn’t sleep, this is really working my mind…it’s unbelievable. I mean it’s you Ashley. The hot free spirited blonde my six teen year old best friend Ashley, it just doesn’t seem right. Did you tell your parents yet?”
“No way they’ll kill me! Besides it’s not even official yet.” Ashley was in denial.
“Puh-lease Ash you took three tests with all the same results!”
“So I could one hundred more and they won’t mean anything until I go to the clinic and find out for sure.”
“And when will that be?”
“When I’m ready-”
“Ash you have to face up to reality, this isn’t a joke it’s life…a serious matter.”
“Try stressful matter.” Ashley moaned. “And for now all I’m telling my parents is that I’ve been craving Twinkies for a mid night snack and they or anybody else won’t hear a thing until I tell them.”
“Don’t worry this is an A and B conversation so they can C they way out sis.” Tori giggled.
“Cross you heart and hope to die?”
“Stick a needle in my eye if I do, love ya chicka.”
“Good night…well morning I should say.” Ashley snickered while ending the conversation and turning off her Iphone.
Ashley tossed and turned all that early morning too bombed out to get a wink of sleep. How could this happen to me? Ashley thought to herself. I mean it was a party…I was tipsy…I didn’t know what I was doing…well I did…but why? See Ashley had always been lets say the type of girl who wasn’t afraid to get loose, but she had all the boys in Hilton Park Suburbs chasing her so no wonder. Not your typical girl next door but the hot Victoria’s secret model across the street and when she heard all time charmer of Bayside High Jay fancied her she couldn’t help herself even though she could barely remember the night.
It was a senior’s party and for her to be a sophomore and still invited boy was it an honor so she had to show. The dominant divas strutted into the house party not knowing what they were getting their selves into. With overly loud volume blasting through the stereo disturbing the whole neighborhood, and actually booze this wasn’t their normal Friday night get together. Under the pressure of being cool Ashley took one drink too many, before she knew it she was heading to the bedroom with Jay, and with the tug of her gray skinny jeans Ashley suddenly lost control.
Another tween.


Here we go. Hun, you can not open your book with some perfect blond answering her phone to some spaz like it's three in the afternoon and every thing's cool. You need CONFLICT. Wouldn't you get a little pissy if someone called YOU at three in the morning, and just wanted to "chat"?

When you're writing, I can tell you have the whole scene in your head. That's obvious. But why not make Ashley have a headache when she wakes up? What if her parents flicked the light on while she's talking to her friend, and they overhear that she's pregnant? You can do better, I know you can.

I like what you have so far, even if it isn't exactly original (let me guess--she got raped!?). You shouldn't be able to read chapter one and know how the rest will turn out.

I'm 14. And you just got told.

Good luck...keep writing.
Why do i hate my school so much?
this is probly gonna be long but just read plz = )

im a teen and i feel like all anyone cares about is ppl liking them,popularity and the next girl their going to ask out. All guys care about my age are hot babes lol and asking out a popular girl cause shes hot or just for the reputation.And i feel like if your not popular or have pin straight hair your worthless. ugh, who said straight hair is the best!? And then girls are gossiping and backstabbing you all the time and then you have no one to trust.Guys wont even notice you if your not an ugly slutty popular girl. Just the other day a girl said curl haired ppl should shave off their head.because their hair is bushy. what the?

SORRY for the rant lol
i needed to tell someone since my bff is away
does anyone else feel this way!?
felt the exact same way in middle school. guys this age are JUST like this.

trust me, you will be better off in the long run for dealing with it. it make syou stronger and more aware. be proud of who you are among them, anyways. secretely, all the boys want you.....but theyre too cool to admit it because its only "cool' to get with popular girls :)

i was the quiet, smart girl in middle school and never got guys. it was the same exact way. but when i got to high school i was at a much smaller school (like 100 guys per grade, 400 in the whole school) and this made me have my own identity.

talk to your parents about a private high school. and if you cant go to on, just keep on trying to make your own identity among those guys. eventually people will catch on and notice. be proud of who you are no matter what because those guys are paying attention to you even when they pretend they arent. someday you'll get your turn to shine!!! :)
Close shave with death at the night market?
Ok, this is a Singaporean question. Sorry if some of the terms i use are not comprehensible.

This happened last year. Till now it still gives me the creep.

Ok it was a typical saturday night, there was this pasar malam (night market) at Jurong East, near the MRT station. it was on the big field, in a tentage.

As you know, the pasar malam organizer will lay these rectangular wooden boards on the grass patch, as nobody wants to walk on wet muddy grass. Like in the pic below.

I was with my parents n sister. As you know, pasar malam sell many irrestitable tasty snacks like taiwan sausage, fried fishballs, kueh tutu, wah koh kueh, keropok lekor, ramly burger etc.

So my parents, being generous people, bought snacks for us n themselves. I was muching on this taiwan sausage pierced on a long toothpick-stick. Very yummy. So we were walking n eating, n i was checking out the sight n sounds. Oooh, especially trying to spot hot, i see many. Most were in short denim shorts or FBT shorts, kinda dressed casually like most singaporean teen girls.

Alas, i tripped on the floorboard!! Bloody hell! If you look carefully at the picture above, these boards are often layed haphazardly. With their edges sticking out as they overlap one another. Some boards are warped too, when you walk over them u have a bouncy feeling on ur feet.

My flip flop somehow got caught in the edge of the wooden board. i lunged forward, but luckily i didn't fall flat to the ground, as i stabled myself with my fit n toned legs. (thanks to regular running n working out in the gym)

I was munching on the sticked taiwan sausage in my mouth at that time. I can't imagine what will happen if i were to trip n fall flat to the ground. the sharp pointed stick in my mouth will probably impale through the back of my throat n cause me to bleed n die a painful death.

After i picked myself up, i cursed the floorboards. Damn, why did they have to be so dangerous? From then on, i watched my steps as i walk, instead of always focusing on hot babes around me. And also no more toothpick-stick impaled snacks while walking on pasar malam death traps.

I am lucky to be alive to narrate this true experience. Have anyone of you ever tripped or almost tripped due to those floorboards?
I have never been to Singapore, but here in the United States, I watch where I'm walking in addition to being aware of my surroundings, especially while wearing flip flops. That's all there is to it. If the boards weren't there, you would have had to dodge muddy patches of ground... again... requiring you to watch where you are going. It also is dangerous to walk around with anything sharp in your mouth. Again, in the United States, popsicle and corn dog sticks are round on both ends, not sharp sticks.

Thought the "fit and toned legs" saving you was pretty funny though. Your toned legs didn't save you... good reflexes did. Lots of fit people have fallen flat on their face, while in the past 3 weeks my chunky butt has managed to a.) avoid falling into a wall after tripping over a curb and b.) managed to avoid head-to-bookshelf contact while falling to my knees (boyfriend playfully kicked my butt a little too hard while I was bent over getting something out of a bag - lost my balance).
Is this girl out of my league?

she looks kind of old for you but dude **** that shoot for the stars!
This really bugs me?
ok well everytime i go somewhere and im around hot teen guys they always flirt with me and im only 13 and like an 18 year old said to me hey babe wanna get together. they think im 16 but im not they say i do but im just not! but i tell them im only 13 they just laugh. i cant find a guy who is my age well there is but they just think im older and dont bother talking to me!! plz help!!
They want to have sex with you. That's all you are to them. Don't feel too flattered. STD's aren't attractive.
This really bugs me?
ok well everytime i go somewhere and im around hot teen guys they always flirt with me and im only 13 and like an 18 year old said to me hey babe wanna get together. but i tell them im only 13 they just laugh. i cant find a guy who is my age well there is but they just think im older and dont bother talking to me!! plz help!!
if you look older and you dress sexy........of course older guys are going to hit on you. you will just have to get used to it.

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