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Is it shocking for an 18-year-old gay man to date a 16-year-old?
I am an 18-year-old gay man and I crave tragedy and drama in my life. I saw the movie Notes On A Scandal and have decided to have an affair with a younger man and shock people. The movie was very sad and theatrical. At my age, however, I don't know if it would be very shocking.

Or if I were to date an older man, say 40, would it shock people?
depends on the person you're trying to shock.
For a 22-year-old gay man, what is the advantage of having a sugar daddy?
Question 1) The same as the title question

Question 2) What is the defintion of a sugar daddy? In order to be a 22-year-old man's sugar dadd,
the sugar daddy must be above what age?

Question 3) How does the gay community view romance between a middle-aged man and a young adult man?

share your views, thanks
I think on first glance, they look like superficial relationships. The suger daddy is using you for your youth and looks. To recapture his youth, that he probably spent in the closet. You're using him for his money.

Whats an advantage: he wants you to be young and immature. It gives him a sense of his own lost youth, of power over you. So you don't exactly have to be mature. And he can induldge in your little whims. Like a spoilt guy or prostitute.

I see a young guy with someone old enough to be his father and think all the above. But of course, sometimes they can be pretty hot too.
Would 35-50 year old gay men usually be attracted to a 20 year old man?
I am 20, and am very attracted to men aged 35-50. Would most gay men be interested in dating someone my age?
Why wouldn't they.
They would be very flattered too.
They would jump at the opportunity i'm sure.
Where could I download gay old man porn?
Someone on Omegle got me to go to Lemonparty, and that made me realize that I like watching old men go at it...

Are there any websites with larger collections?
Whats the correlation between Magnum P.I and that gay old man? Isnt being gay a sin according to God?
or is that old man Magnums father? Magnum is quite a sexy man.
Being an active gay is indeed sin.
Would a 45-50 year old gay man want to date a 20-25 year old?
I am almost 20 and am bisexual. I have a huge attraction to 45-50 year old men.
Yes, they're definitely out there. Good for you for knowing what you want. Now go for it! And don't pay any attention to anyone who says you shouldn't. Remember, you're living your life for you, not them. :)
What is your opinion on a 30 year old gay man dating an 18 year old?
Do you think I should date the 30 year old. He makes me feel loved, secure and he is really nice and sincere. We've talked on the phone for 7 months before we met each other in person. I broke up with my 16 year old boyfriend to go out with him. What do you think about relationships with such age gaps.
I think you need to figure out why you want to date someone older? do you need a father figure? are you really insecure and need someone you can depend on in order to feel ok?
and than you have to ask yourself, why does a 30 year old want to date an 18 year old? what kind of issues might they have.

If it's love, hey, it's love... just make sure it's healthy.
Which city in the UK is the best for a 24-year-old gay man to live?
I would like somewhere safe, nice and with highly gay acceptance and fun...

Also, I'm an entrepreneur (big one in the near future hahaha), so it would be good if it was near business centres.

Does Brighton fulfill all these requirements? Would London be better? Anywhere else?
Brighton would be my choice

Its also quite easy (but not cheap) to travel from Brighton to London

Have fun and good luck with the business
How to stop that old gay man from flirting at me?
That is gross and disgusting; I am a cashier at a grocery and he is a customer; you know I can't be rude because I am afraid he will complain to my manager.
Go home with him for sex, obviously...


seriously, just don't make eye contact and when he starts to say something flirty just beat him to it, interrupt him saying something like, "paper or plastic, sir?"

or just pretend like he's joking, "haha, right right, have a nice day, sir"
What is the term for an old gay man?
It was talked about on the news this morning and the reporters said there was a term, but they couldn't think of it. Any ideas?
When I was younger, we referred to older gay men as "Aunties." I haven't heard that in years. I believe the term "Daddy" only applies to older men who have relations with younger men.
I live near Los Angeles, and no one has ever called me a trout, at least that I've heard about.

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