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All Comments

How can I become a gay model?
I would like to pose for a gay website but how do I get into that?
Go to a gay modeling agency.
Who is a better role model for gay community?
I like gay guys coz they are much hotter and most prob. nicer.. (Based on experience) I like Adam Lambert and Adamo Ruggiero. So who would you choose as a role model for the gay community?? Even though Adam Lambert is much more popular I really liked Adamo more.. He is very proud of his sexuality and supports LGBT community like a lot. Not too mention he is much cuter and sexier.. Drooooling.. So what do you guys think??
Do you ever wish you had a gay role model?
Like you know how you're taught what to do in "normal" situations like if someone says something mean to you or if you disagree with someone or how to say hi to people and stuff like that? Have you ever wanted someone to teach you stuff about being gay? I really wish I did, because I have no idea how to act in certain homosexuality-related situations. What do you think?
It would have been nice to have that back then. I learned the hard way by making mistakes. Most of these situations are a product of some idiots upbringing. The best training I received for this was to take psychology in college. This will work in most circumstances. Most others require fists for you to get out of with your life.
How much does a male model get paid for posing in a gay magazine?
I don't mean an erotic gay magazine, just stuff like DNA and Tetu, which I believe is like a gay fashion magazine? Does anyone know? Because I know this guy who is a straight model (confirmed, has only dated girls, just to make it clear) and posed for them. But I was wondering, since he's straight, they must have paid him a good amount, right? Do anyone know the ballpark salary?
-It can't be very Much, -because They keep showing up in later Issues... ;)
Did Mike Piazza marry a playboy model to prove he is not gay?
I still think he is gay because he was always in los angeles late at night with different guys...
Did he marry a former playboy model to try to fool people that he is straight?
I live in NY and there are rumors he was fooling around with TV Weatherman Sam Champion

Mike is a good guy so who cares. He was a great Met and I like him no matter what. A person's personal sexual preference are nobodies business but their own.
Is Miss Jay Alexander from America's Next Top model gay or a crossdresser or what?

or is it jus' an image? i know there are hairdressers who pretend to be gay or over exaggerate their feminineness because it draws customers
I don't know but I met him in the T-dot airport and he is the BIGGEST SWEETIE EVAR!!!
Is it gay if you wanna be a model and your a guy?
I'm 13 and i wear all hollister and abercrombie my room is actually abercrombie and hollister i even have posters of the girl models from the stores.
And i wanna work and model for hollister when i turn 18 cuz i know i can and my brother does. Does that Make me gay? cuz my mom even said that and so did my girlfriend. And im definitly not gay.
No but you'll get a lot of trash for it, but you'll also get a lot of ladies if you do do it.
Why most hot guys are gay? I was so shock to discover that the hottest guys on Make a Super Model on Bravo TV.
or America's Smartest Model are gay? It's such a waste to see all these hot guys going with other guys! What's up with that?
most gay guys actually care about their appearance and what they look like when they leave the house unlike alot of our straight counterparts.
How come these gay guys keep saying I look like a model?
I don't get it, in the past three weeks these gay guys (from all different parts of the state! I've been traveling) keep coming up to me and either saying "are you a model" or insisting I look like a model! I've done a little print work, but nothing huge. I don't have time.

Why do they keep saying that? I'm really confused. And I'm the girl who goes to parties and NEVER gets talked to by normal guys. aaaahhhrgh
may be 4 fun..
Why the heck does everybody think I am a "Gay Model"!?
LOL I go to High School but there so stereotypical and jugdemental and thats why I am quiet. Most people tell me you look like a model cause your hair, eyebrows, face and the way u dress and I am like dude I wear Plain Hoodies, Skinny Jeans and Vans? What the heck is so "stylish" about it?
Change the way you look as not to have a questionable appearance and maybe that will stop.Ask God how that you should look like in public.You need not have to show anyone that you look good or bad.Just thank God for how He has made you & need not prove anything to others nor do you have to try to impress anyone but just be yourself and you will have many friends of the right kind.

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