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Who is your favorite stallion?
Now, I don't want any smut remarks like, "my favorite stallion is a gelding." (though it is funny haha) but who is your favorite stud you've seen?

This guy is mine. I went to this barn to help a friend out with something and I saw this horse chilling in his stall, I almost fainted. His movements are absolutely perfect with a nice a floating trot with a lot of movement in the shoulder and a smooth canter that covers ground every stride. Such an excellent temperament too. He is basically my dream horse but he isn't a mare XD

This is just a fun question :)

My favorite Tennessee Walker stud is Ebony's Masterpiece. Never met him but every single foal of his i come across are absolutely phenomenal in their gaits and personality.


I really like Moorlands Totilas too, but I HATE the way he's ridden.


@burdfour--there's a One Hot Krymsun son at the barn I work at! He's a 3yo stud in training atm. He's out of a Dynamic Deluxe mare.
Which swimsuit should i Get????
okay, so this is a follow up to one of my other questions, and i've narrowed it down to four. so Which one should i get???

#1 www.target.com/Xhilaration-Dot-Mo…

#2 www.target.com/Xhilaration-Lurex-…

#3 www.target.com/Xhilaration-Bandea…

#4 www.target.com/Xhilaration-Studde…

thanks so much!
Definatly get the green and the white. i like all of them but the green is very pretty and has nice details and the white is hot! its always nice to have a back-up. But i do like the white best if i ha to pick.
:D hope this helps
What do you think of his skintone?
Jimmer Fredette, might not the hottest guy on earth but his skin is FLAWLESS.

You know, the super-pale, 100% reflecting light effect? I fancy that skin tone, it can make a retarded people look decent,..... if they inherit this in their gene. I think white, Japanese, south European guys inherit this pale complexion.

If I'm a God, I'll collecting these type of hot studs with this complexion and also.. the ebony flawless, super black reflective that looks like Grace Jones, those black people also flawless.

Super white and black skin tone are the beauty. What is a bad skin tone to have? People who has half and half complexion or the one who has skin tone darker on the face, they are just ugggly

For real, I'm not gonna get a guy with an ugly skin tone. Do you think this is matter? :p
who cares what you think ? you ARE superficial and boring.
Please tell me what you think of my story?
-----I would like some good honest feed back. Don't feel shy, you won't hurt my feelings. I am very aware that I am no professional, not even close. But I've had this story lingering in my head and just have to get out on paper. So I am just curious what people think of it so far. I know the spelling and grammar is pretty rough right now. But I am just trying to get it all written down before I focus on the details. Thanks a bunch (I know it's long, but PLEASE take the time to read it all. Thank you)------

I felt the crisp winter air as I approached the top of the trail that lead down into the valley between the mountains. Cold fresh winter air, something I hadn’t felt in over 10 years. It was a relaxing and refreshing feel. Scenarios ran through my head, what would they say, how would they react, would they recognize me? Would they remember me?. All the questions that had gone unanswered for so long, now I was finally going to be able to find out if the family that abandoned me did it out of greed or out of pity. Would they remember that green eyed baby they called Rhiannon Etain Macormick?

Brooks Valley, Rocky Mountains. Canada.
“Dale, can you please set the table, remember Aunt Josie is coming over later, so set an extra plate”, Laura McCormick said. Dale, very unhappy, set his game aside and stood up “hharrumph why do I always have to set the table, why can’t you make Rosie or Dom do it once in a while”. Laura looked over her shoulder at her very hormonal 14 year son and just laughed, “When they are old enough to carry their own toys”, she said with a grin. Dale walked over to the kitchen cupboard and grabbed 6 plates, and two guyren’s bowls for his 2 year twin siblings. After setting the table he walked over to the window and squinted towards to the barn where his dad and oldest brother were busily grooming the new stud horse, rightfully named Steed-lee. “Well, I guess it’s better than having to be out there with those smelly beasts you all call pets”, he snorted and sat down in front of the TV again. Laura pealed carrots and potatoes, cut up some zucchini, and a slid the roast into the oven. Then walked over to her desk and started writing e-mails to her clients. Outside, Joe MaCormick and his eldest son Avery, were busy dealing with the attitude enveloped stallion they had just brought home from Old Flanders farm. He was to be their new breeder stud for the fast approaching summer. The MaCormick made their money off of Dairy Cows and race horses. Their horses were the best. Never got sick, never lost a race. “I think he’ll make beautiful foals, eh dad” Avery said with a smile. Joe looked from cleaning the studs hooves and nodded enthusiastically, “Indeed he will son, you made a great pick” Joe said.
Ella, Joe and Laura’s second eldest after Avery, was in the barn counting the new barn kittens and making sure they were healthy and de-wormed. “6 new in all dad” Ella hollered from the hayloft above them. “2 black females, 1 orange male, 1 gray female and 2 calico males, all perfect and cute as can be” she added with a giggle. Avery was 19 and heading off to College in a year, he was tall, lean, with light blue eyes and dark ebony hair. Just like his father, Ella was 17 going into her senior year of High school, she was average height but very thin and very toned, from working on the farm. She had dark forest green eyes and dirty blond hair, the spitting image of mother. Dale on the other hand is a redhead with very light green eyes and freckles everywhere, they figure he gets it from his great grandpa, but Avery swears he’s adopted, He‘s 14 and going into his first year of high school. The twins Rosie and Dominic are almost 3, they have the same dirty blond hair and forest green eyes like Ella and mom. They are the typical farm family, well rounded, nice as can be and manners of perfection. All of which make Aunt Josie very jealous, compared to her devilish duo Markus and Sophia(both grown and moved out) it wasn’t until they started having a family of their own that they behaved. But Aunt Josie loves to visit and spoil the guys to no end. Without any fuss from them of course. Joe motioned to Avery to take the stud into the barn and blanket him, “Don’t forget to give him some oats and fresh clean water”, Joe said as Avery disappeared into the barn. “Ella, my dear, do you mind tossing a couple bales of hay down? I ought to feed the mares, I can see some jealousy in their eyes” Joe looked up to the hay loft, just in time to jump out of the way as Ella tossed down a bale. “Oops, sorry dad, thought you’d be out of the way already” Ella peered over the edge with a smirk. Chores done, animals happy and the barn closed up for the night, the three of them walked towards the house just as Aunt Josie drove up in her mini coop.(Always fashionable Aunt Josie was). “I see I’ve arrived just in time”, she smiled as they walked inside.
During the beginning I liked it, but as you started describing all of the characters in the family, I grew very confused. Your average reader is not going to remember all of these people if you introduce them all at once. Your descriptions are also very amateur, to say the least. You need to space them out into the action. An example would be: ''I can tell that Rosie hasn't gotten much sleep lately, because a pair of dark half-moons hang under her pale blue eyes.''

Write out your numbers. I felt like I was reading a word problem half the time, to be honest. If Train 1 is going 67 miles per hour and Train 1 and Train 2 collide at exactly 10:48 PM, how many miles apart are their stations...

We don't need to learn about every single family member at once. Most of them haven't even come into the story yet.

Also, make sure you start a new paragraph each time a different person says something. Your story was kind of just two big blocks, making it hard to feel like you're making progress in the reading.

All in all, it is mediocre, but I think that once you polish it, it will be very good! :)
I Need An Artist: Willing To Pay/Can Someone Sketch This Description?
I have 3 characters I want sketched. I'm not going to accept tons of artwork so I have this old character you guys can send me a sketch of so I can see who has the most skill. Whoever I pick as the best can tell me how much they want for the other three.

She is tall and appears to be very young. She has sultry grey-green eyes and golden brown skin. She has long, wavy dark brown hair bound into a twisted infinity knot by some lacquered ebony hairsticks. She has a delicate face and dimpled cheeks.
She has an emerald-set ivory bone stud in her right nostril, a pair of white diamond studs set along the slender tips of her pointed ears, and a chiseled sharp bone spike in her left eyebrow.
She is holding a sigil-etched faewood runestaff in her right hand.
She is wearing a deeply hooded black satin robe edged with emerald and silver lace trim with a matte pewter silk underrobe with long back-folded sleeves underneath, a textured parchment face mask inscribed with illuminated sigils, a delicate red rose accented with subtle ebon hues, a wild black rose, an enameled green scarab locket, some bone white fangs[Not in mouth,just on person], a silvery grey satchel slung over her shoulder, a trio of braided bracelets[right wrist], a square-cut emerald signet ring[left hand,ring finger], a black pouch, an obsidian-clasped leather alchemy kit, and some arsenic grey suede boots with silver-buckled straps.

I need to see this sketch with and without the mask. Two of the other characters have masks, the other one doesn't. Oh and the hair on this character looks like this www.crushpress.com/updo-hairstyles-chignon-french-knot-styles/ It's the 1st picture above the 2nd paragraph
You need a police artist! Or you have a great sense of humor.
Need Foal Name Suggestions?
Beautiful chestnut paint stud colt born April 10. Dam's name is Ebony Sheik's Dreamer. Sire is Genuine Gem. Granddams are Mack's Dream and Wild Rhaspsody. Grandsires are Ebony Sheik and Triples Titan. Name cannot be longer than 20 letter and spaces. We cannot agree on anything at home, so I am putting out here to the Yahoo community to see if they can help us come up with a really cool name for this little guy. 1/2 brothers are Supreme Par Three and Copy Of Sierra
how bout Mack's Wild Titan or Mack's Wild Dreamer or Mack's Wild Gem(sorry i like Mack's Wild...)
you could try to spell something with his initials and then use that as his pet name but i can't find anything good but Wes and then Sheiks at the end n it aint that good sounding then.
Any thoughts on this poem?
Edward VII

He stands, chest out on a pedestal,
like Shakespeare in the cartoon days,
his lathery head of bird-**** condemns
the cut-grass park's assembly.


All wormy-hollowed and dusty-eyed,
darkened in the gloom of centuries,
immovable force of the city;
an internal critique for the homeless.

You slab of punished stone
I hate your Pride, your grimy Denial,
your Jewel-Studded Cane and History.

Your worried Autonomy.

I only love the ebony angels at your feet,
the girls who laugh by you in pastel shades,
bare-legged and breathing, gentle-faced
with the feel of Summer.
One girl in particular, eyes like broken sappire, a smile,
wild and sensual, demolishes you suddenly;
my headache's gone and I could be anywhere,
could be anyone.
As you can see from the above comments, you have not succeeded in communicating certain essentials to the reader. And thus the poem moves elegantly along, albeit with a limp, until we meet "One girl in particular" and then it falls apart. Of course I empathize, having reacted in just the same manner so many times. I too was at sea when I came to the "you" after "demolishes." I read i your notes what you were trying to do, and this didn't do it at all for me. It makes a mess, and destroys so much of what is good in this poem. It's a long way down from the regal heights of "his lathery head of bird****." Now that is a phrase for the ages. How the mighty have fallen.
Is this good for chapter one of my vamp story don't be too mean?
Vampires, they are a facinating thing, My boyfriend is a vampire.My
story on dating A vampire is really intresting,and dangerous, it all started on a
boring November morning............. I just started to get ready for school, I put on my favorite black My chemical romance t-shirt, and ripped up skinny jeans with cute fishnet tights under them. I ran downstairs excited to get to school to hang out with my goth friends,but the real reason I went was because there was this new boy who was weird yet somewhat intriguing, Him and I only talked a couple of times over the past two weeks, I dream about him in class and I even write Raven+Garrick on my notebooks he had me totally smitten, I came downstairs and there was my mom as usual telling me to wear something different, my sister was in her perfectly pink dress and diamondm studded stilletos that my grandparents bought for her, they asked if I wanted a pair I told them I wouldn't be caught dead in pink stilletos, instead they bought me a pair of vans that I love to death. I walked past my step-sister Rose and down the stairs came my twin brother Crow wearing a black slipknot shirt and wearing my 2nd favorite pair
of skinny jeans."Good morning Raven and Rose,oh rose I didn't know that the circus was coming to town.", crow and I high-fived each other, Rose of course complained to our mom, who like her was a total prep, it was my dad who was a true goth like me and crow,but things between mom and him just didn't work out. Crow, Rose and I got into mine and Crows black prius that was our 16th birthday present."Crap!" Crow exclaimed, " I just forgot that that stupid science paper was due today, I'm gonna fail for real." "don't worry Crow you can copy off of mine, scince we have the same assignment, but different teachers.'' "Thans Ray you're awesome." "You guys are so stupid, I hate this brother sister bond you two have, it's so creepy," Rose complained "your just jealous that me and crow actully like each other and you and I don't, I can't believe that my mom married your stupid rich father." I screamed "Rose and Raven you guys always fight, you two are step-sisters, even if you two hate eachother." said Crow. It's true Rose and I were bitter rivals before my mom and her dad got married,it was in 5th grade that her and i started not liking eachother, and when we were in 7th grade we found out that our parents were dating, they got married a year later.We finally reached our destination, the dreadful high school.I got out of the front seat of our ebony Prius, and there he was the boy of my gothic and twisted dreams, Garrick, He was wearing perfectly tight skinny jeans and a black misfits t-shirt he also had the
same My Chemical Romance bookbag as I did, he was perfect, I must have been
staring too long, because Rose and her gang of gossip gangsters were saying how we were perfect together freak+freak, I ran over to Rose and Kicked snow on her perfect light pink stilletos and marched away, sadly I bumped into my dream guy.My Black eyes widened "Oh my gosh i'm so sorry!" i exclaimed. "It's ok, hey we have the same backpack." he said, I replied with a nervous "Yeah I got mine on sale at Hot Topic." "Me too." he said. "Raven, come on!'' Yelled crow. "Gotta go, will I see you tomarrow?" I asked. "I don't think so." Garrick quickly replied. "why?" I asked. "The sun is out tomarrow" he said. Before I even had the chance to question his answer he fled.
its really good. i want to read on!! XOXOXOOX
Suggestions for naming a foal?
As you probably know by now, my mare is (possibly) pregnant.
I'm considering some names for the foal I'm hoping for.
Mare's name is Wildfire Doc, barn name Aspen.
She's a solid golden palomino registered paint.
The stud's name is mr moon bars dunnit, aka Moon.
he's a coppery red dun with a white lopsided heart on his face.
registered aqha.

if the foal is black (grand dam was coally black) it's name could be Ebony Moon.
If it's a red dun or any red color, maybe Wildfire's Ember. ( grandsire is Kootenai Wildfire).
If it's a palomino like mom and grand sire, I am thinking of going with Moonglow, Aspenglow, or Aspen Moon. Or SpunGold, Spinner's Gold, Spinnin' Gold. (other grandsire is Spin a Beeline Baby aka Spinner).

IF it turns out to be a chocolate palomino, I've considered Doc Chocolate (grand dam is Doc O'lena Doxie) .
ofcourse it depends on availability and so on.

Other names I like are River, Willow, or Rain or some version of them.
Anybody have any other suggestions?
O'lena is probably out of the reining horse and a very high dollar at that Chic O'lena which the Stud stands at Babcock Ranch . Bars dates back to the old school pleasure performance horses Three Bars. The Doc Bar horses were grand champion as well. So for those reasons I would go with O'lena Doc Bars. Doc is a cute barn name but that will come after you spend time and see its personality.
What do you think of my Chapter so far?
Chapter one

“Now Pam, I better not hear of any bad news from Ma, while your over there. Understand?” Pam’s mother, Tasha, warned, her ebony skin glowing in the bright sun. Standing tall in black high heels, wearing a white striped navy blue business suit, with a diamond studded brooch that was clipped gracefully on the left collar. She was a very a successful woman, and she loved to show it were ever she went. Being the CEO of an advertisement company was very high status, and she wanted others to know that.
“Yes Mother, I understand.” Pam replied monotonously, while picking the dirt from her bitten down nails. Not even giving her mother a second thought.
They both stood in front of the airport shuttle van pick up site, waiting patiently for it to show up. Today was Pam’s leave to go live with her Grandmother Dorothy, who lived in a small town called Waterfall, Tennessee.
Tasha didn’t quite understand why her daughter wanted to live in such a small town, that literally consisted of nine-hundred and eight people. But then again, Tasha didn’t understand her daughter. Pam was a conservative girl, her face always kept a bored expression, and she always spoke with zero emotion to her voice, almost like a robot. It was always so hard for her to tell what she was thinking.
“I hope you do. Ma agreed to take care of you for the school year, and it would be a shame if you gave any trouble.”

I honestly think it's terrible. Can you please help me with grammar, and tell me what I need to fix.
First things first, your grammar is not terrible but it is flawed. A few times during this section here, you have little sentences that are not really sentences. For example: "Not even giving her mother a second thought" is not a sentence, it is a fragment.

I wouldn't say that the plot line is terrible, because it isn't. Right now it is obviously underdeveloped because there are only four paragraphs or something like that, but I think you should continue writing. Don't get discouraged by grammar or anything like that. If you truly love writing, just write and then have someone proofread your writing for you.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

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