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Why do people think that EVERY teen is supposed to get drunk, have sex and experience with drugs?
and suddenly grow out of it when they're not a teenager?

Saying that, is like saying it's in a man's dna to cheat. What do you think?
I KNOW!!! I have trauma when it comes to alcohol and I hate the smell of alcohol and I will NEVER do drugs I have morals and don't see the fun of doing drugs. I was offered to smoke pot and denied it several times. Also I plan to lose my virginity when I get married. I actually have a fear of sex. I don't know why, but it has to deal with personal space.
Do you believe that teen drinking/sex/smoking is wrong?
I don't see the big deal, as long as one is responsible about it. What are your thoughts?
what you said. you absolutely have to be responsible when it comes to these things.

but to the douchebags who text and/or drink while driving, THAT is wrong.

EDIT: wtf is someone out to get me? hahahaha i always have some f-g thumbing me down on all of my posts.
Parents:would you rather find out your teen is drinking or having sex?
for guys in the highschool range, would you rather find out your teenager is having sex with a bf/gf or goes to parties and gets drunk.

what would be you more mad about?
I'd rather find out about the drinking, because at least it can be prevented and stopped.
They can't get back their virginity.
Teen movies about teen sex and drinking?
IMPORTANT: Only from 2000-2011, I don't like old movies.

I've already seen American Pie (I know it's older than 2000), Superbad, Thirteen, Easy A, Roadtrip and Sex Drive - Those ones are always brought up when questions like this one are asked.
1. Miss March
2. Accepted
3. Bart Got a Room
4. Van Wilder
5. The House Bunny
6. Sorority Boys
7. Dirty Deeds
8. Eurotrip
9. College
10. Extreme Movie
11. Old School
12. Harold and Kumar
13. Beerfest
14. The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down
15. Fired Up
16. Slackers
17. Prom Wars
18. 100 Girls
19. 40 Days and 40 Nights
20. The Virginity Hit
UK health booklet's message: Teen sex can be fun?
I was checking my yahoo mail when I came upon this article in the 'Top Stories' section. Here is the link:


What are your thoughts on this?
I honestly do not know what to think. My initial reaction was "Are they being serious? Teen pregnancy rates are already at in all time high not to mention the spread of STD's. All this will do is increase what people are trying to stop." But then I got to thinking maybe just maybe it will have a POSITIVE impact. For example, if you take a look at places where drug use is legal and teen drinking is legal, the crime rates there are a lot lower and it is the same with teen drunk driving. Because a lot of teens who do drugs and drink illegally do it because they want to appear to be cool and daring and rebellious and more adult-like. In places were teen drinking is legal and buying and selling and using drugs is legal ( though I am not sure what the legal age is for buying, selling, and using drugs) teens do not see the need to be irresponsible like that. Because they are treated like adults they ACT like adults. I don't know, what do you think?
Frankly, this reveals for all to see that irresponsible behavior starts with adults (or those who claim to be adults but have the brains of a toad (no offense to toads) and the maturity of a three three year old. This Steve and the entire staff should be booted out and replaced with true grown-ups who can teach teens about responsibility. Of course we could send the bill for teen pregnancy and STDs to this idiot and we'll see how long he'll be twittering about how enjoyable sex is for teens. The fact of the matter is yes, it may be enjoyable for the two players, but it sure isn't fun for the poor guy born to the teen or the taxpayers. It's time for taxpayers to say enough is enough. If teen sex is so much fun, let the parents pay for the consequences.
Why is it okay for teenagers to get drunk and smoke and have sex in Europe but wrong in the USA?
Im asking this because I have seen the British show "Skins" which shows teens getting drunk, smoking, high and having sex and the Europeans had no complaints about it but when they make an American version of the show a lot of Americans get angry and call it offensive "guy porn"
It's not considered ok. Skins is NOT an accurate portrayl of European teensXD
Although, drinking is not really seen as as a big deal in Europe(or in many other parts of the world).

Europeans are more open and liberal to these things, whereas Americans are more conservative.
Would it be bad to include sex in a teen novel?
Sex and a party with drinking. I know it happens a LOT among teens but I was wondering if you guys think its inappropriate to include in a teen fiction novel.
It is a tough call. You really have to know your target audience and decide what would be appropriate for them. For young teens (under the age of say 15) I do not recommend going into such topics, you do not want your characters to become role models for bad behaviors. If you target audience is the late teens-early twenties, then it is not going to be a big deal.

Of course there are the cautionary tales, where the sex leads to pregnancy and STDs or the drinking causes blood alcohol poisoning or motor vehicular homicide.
Iv lied to my parents before, had sex, drunk, smoked, taken drugs. My mum says i dont act like a normal teen?
Im not proud of most of the stuff iv done but i enjoy it. I love partying and hanging out with my friends more than being at home. I actually hate being at home and i dont know why? My house isnt violent or anything. I argued with my mum a few days ago and she said i wasnt like a normal teenager? Is this true? I mean all the people my age i know do the same things... Am i really that bad? Arent all teenagers like this? Im 15 btw...
Not all teenagers drink and do drugs sorry to burst your bubble.
Teen/Young adult Novel Ideas!!!!!?
*note* i don't want any drunk teens, sex and stuff like that. maybe an abused teen story or something like that, but i need help!!
If you need to ask for ideas, you're not ready to write a novel.

Try hanging around in a public place, and discreetly watching interesting people. Ask yourself things like, "Why is he dressed like that?" "Why is she in such a hurry?" "What's he got in that big bag?" Mentally audition people for roles in your story.

Failing that, tape a few episodes of Oprah, or whichever show about "real people" you like. (I've almost convinced myself that everybody who appears on shows like that is really an out-of-work actor...) Pick several people, each from a different story. Put them in a room together and see what happens. If the answer is "nothing", try again with different people.
Teen pressure... sex drugs drink politics?
My father is a politician in Moscow. On news they say my dad and 6 other politics stole billions from russian peopl and murdered for power.
A journalist asked if I wil run my dads companys the same way as he does. I said yes and now they are saying that russia shouldn't go to teens like me because we will also steal and distroy Russia.
I have to go with security everywhere and feel like everyone judge mi family. I want to have fun even if it is wrong. I do drink and I do have sex but why do they have to take pictures of me? It's my life...
Why do people like judging other people so much?...they always look at the bad things and never the good?
People like to judge because they see their problems as being outside of them.....A lot of people are going to read this and their reaction is going to be "poor little rich girl". Don't let that bother you either. If you want to have fun without having to feel guilty about it, try not feeling guilty about it. While it's true that other's can judge you, on some level you must accept their judgement in order for it to bother you.

Sounds like a rough situation, and honestly, it's probably not going to get any easier for awhile.

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