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How would the left wing respond if Sarah Palin was sending candid photos to teen males?
I'm sure people like Senator Chuckie Schumer would say something like this:

"(I was) deeply pained and saddened by today's news. By fully explaining herself, apologizing to all she hurt and taking full responsibility for her wrongful actions, Sarah did the right thing. She remains a talented and committed public servant, and I pray she and her family can get through these difficult times."…
Why do girls take silly pictures of themselves? I just seen Miley Cyrus' photos.?
All these scandalous photos are coming out of these teen stars. I was just reading about Miley Cyrus's candid photos (nothing too big) .
Why do this in the first place? Do they think it's fun?
Does anyone feel the same way?…

scroll down for them on link
They think it's "fun" or "cute".
It's sick really.
And this is coming from a teenage girl.
Why do girls take silly pictures of themselves?
All these scandalous photos are coming out of these teen stars. I was just reading about Miley Cyrus's candid photos (nothing too big) .
Why do this in the first place? Do they think it's fun?
Does anyone feel the same way?
I think it's ridiculous. Never put anything in writing or in a photo that you wouldn't mind everyone else seeing or reading. Chances are they just might.

I am soooooooo not getting these chicks who take these pics that are "just for their boyfriend" haaaaaaaaaaa What planet are you livin' on, hunny? Those things are going to get passed around more than the collection plate on Sunday morning.
How do teen celebrities have such perfect skin?
Don't say photoshop or retouching, because I mean when they are out and about and have candids taken of them...their skin always looks amazing and they're most likely not wearing any makeup! Do you know the trick? Most regular teenagers get acne, but with a lot of teen celebrities, you NEVER even see one pimple. An example of this would be Miley Cyrus. Here are some photos of her with little or no makeup with perfect skin and no pimples:…

Does anyone know what kind of treatment these teen celebrities are getting? Please help! =)
they're rich. they can afford to get personal skin-care professionals to take care of their skin and find the perfect product for them, no matter how much it costs. wish i had perfect skin tooo. [:
Trying out for modeling, SO SCARED HELP!?
I got the letter in my inbox today and it says:

Dear Prospective Model/Talent:

Based on your recent submission, you are invited to attend an audition at CDMT Agency on Friday, 10/1/10 at 6:45 PM (guys to age 15) or 6:00 PM (ages 16+). The audition will take place in (where I live) at (modeling place) agency. You must be on time as the audition will start immediately and doors will be locked when auditions start. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early in the event of traffic delays. The directions are printed below, do not call for directions. Each person is allowed to bring only one guest. The one guest only policy is strictly enforced due to limited space. This audition process will last about one hour. It is required to reserve your space in advance.

You will need to bring the attached, completed application as well as some recent printed photos. Candid snap-shots are fine. This is required for everyone, even if you have already submitted photos. All potential models and talent will walk for the agents. If you are serious about pursuing acting, please select one of the attached commercials and prepare to perform it at the audition. You must have the commercial memorized. You are welcome to perform a monologue or a different commercial of your choice (under one minute). We are only looking for singers and dancers that have been trained. Singers/musicians will have the opportunity to perform a cappella for up to one minute. Dancers should provide a list of experience (classes, performances, etc). Anyone interested in swimwear modeling must bring photos in a swimsuit.

Please reply to this email to reserve your audition if you have not already done so. (place) Models and Talent has created the most effective way for Southern based talent to break into the entertainment field and jump-start opportunities to work as a professional model or talent.

Guy Models/Talent: Denim with a white or black shirt
Teen-Adult Female Models/Talent: black skirt or shorts & a black or white top with comfortable heels. Natural makeup and have hair clean,dry & pulled out of the face
Teen-Adult Male Models/Talent: fitted slacks and a black or white shirt and closed toe shoe

So because I'm 14, I'm planning to wear black heels, black skirt, and a white t-shirt. Is that good? And what photos do they mean? How many should I bring it and what kind of pose? (Head shot, body shot, etc.) I'm really nervous because I had no idea we were going to model in front of EVERYBODY! I'm not going to be an actress, just a model, so I don't have to memorize a commercial, right? If my hair is suppose to be pulled back, I just wear it in a light ponytail and what does natural makeup look like? I usually just cover up my dark circles and wear mascara. I need as much detail as possible, also how do I walk?
I think what they are looking for is your own talent rather then memorizing something they are gonna throw at you. Depending on what you will be modeling you should come up with some kind of routine (dance, speaking, etc.) As for the "candid" photos they ask for I would suggest 2 head shots (front and profile), full body (front, back and sides) and try to wear something tight but not restrictive in the photos. This will give them a better idea of you body type without you being exposed in a way you don't want to be.

Sleep earlier, sleep in, make sure to relax and never stress out. Your dark circles will diminish and you might want to ask someone in the cosmetic industry another solution to your eyes. Natural makeup I think is supposed to accentuate your face without turning you into a prostitute. Light tones nothing outlandish.

Stay away from the T-shirt...wear something else for a top that works with the skirt and heels. The white/black top isn't expressed a T-shirt, so wear a white or black blouse and have your hair pulled back in a comfortable braid or pony tail.

Hope I helped a bit and that I'm not on the wrong track for advice.
Can you name this family?
Parents- dad 44 mom 40…

18 year old twins…

16 year old daughter…

14 year old son…

11 year old son…

8 year old twins…

4 year old adopted triplets…

1 year old son…
Dad= Mark... optional middle name= William
Mom= Natalie... optional middle name= Paige
18 y Twins= Ivy and Mackenzie... optional middle names= Rachel and Sophie
16 y daughter= Sydney... optional middle name= Taylor
14 y son= Marcus... optional middle name= Nathan
11 y son= Mason... optional middle name= Connor
8 y twins= Stephanie and Trevor... optional middle names= Amanda and Spencer
4y triplets= Janna, Jessica, Jordan... optional middle names= Caitlin, Courtney, Christina
1 y son= Malcolm... optional middle name= Jeremy

family name= Fowler

Haha this was fun!! :D
Does this sound good? PLEASE REVIEW MY WRITING?
As many of you know I am writing a time travel series. I just wanted to know if this part of the first chapter is good enough. Hope you like it!

When we arrived they welcomed us. I could see the difference between the Stone’s and us as a family. They were peaceful; not a single sight of stress in them. Their house was twice as beautiful as ours. The walls were painted a sky blue; the curtains were a golden brown with little dark brown squares.
The walls had big stripes. They almost looked like a flag. The stripes were a strange white color with the sky blue, horizontally patterned.
There was furniture everywhere. We sat in one of the big sofas that they had in the seating room. Job sat next to me.
Young, I thought while I stared at the couple.
“My name is Aura and this is my husband, Taylor” said the beautiful girl, or should I say ‘woman’.
The man looked like a movie star; handsome is the right word. His skin was fair, tough it was nearly tan. His eyes were an ocean blue.
The woman had long, glossy black hair with honey like eyes.
There was no laugh line; no crow’s feet or blemish in their skin. They were God-like. No imperfection. It seemed like time didn’t affected there appearance in any way. Anyways, they were like twenty-four to five years old. So they were young.
As grandpa started talking, my mind as well as eyes were in the house. The decoration on it was too old for them. They had pictures, frames and objects that resembled the nine-teen forties and fifties.

Maybe they have relics from their family, I kept thinking.
As I watched the photos they had displayed in a table, I was attracted by one of them. I could tell that the picture was old, scorched and nearly invisible. But still, I could appreciate that there was a man and also a woman in it. I stared in wonder. They looked just like Aura and Taylor Stone.
I was so distracted by it; I didn’t realize grandpa was calling me to go to the dining room.
Everything in the dining room was neat. The food was deliciously prepared. Ms. Stone had prepared a chicken pot-pie and pumpkin cream with chocolate cheese cake, not counting the rest of pastries and dishes my grandma and I did.
I didn’t say a word till, unfortunately, grandpa opened his mouth and started talking about me.
“Cynthia, wouldn’t you like to say something?” Grandma asked with all her ‘mocking power’.
I wanted to show her that I wasn’t what she thought I was, so I proceeded.
“It was indeed a nice dinner; I wish you would visit us sometime. We could even go out to a movie or something,” I said, trying to sound as candid as I could.
I was lying, and grandpa noticed it with ease. Because I knew I couldn’t stay alone and friendless in this dirty world, I decided to approach Aura when we finished with the talking. There was a glow in her that indicated me that she was my type of person.
We kept talking in the table for a long time.
Aura was really nice to me. We talked about her life and we talked about my life, at least, the things I knew. I even enjoyed talking with Taylor, though Job kept stealing the conversation. I guess Job was more connected with Taylor.
At the end of the visit, I didn’t even realize I- as well as Job- had made new friends.

I wanted to visit them again. I had already planned for them to go with us to the movies.
When we arrived home everything was quiet. We each got to our rooms and didn’t say a word; no goodnight available.
I quickly changed and got my favorite books.
I had a shelf full with books. Reading and writing was a hobby I’ve always had. In that shelf I had books by: Alice Sebold, Jodi Picoult, Katherine Paterson and Audrey Niffenegger just to name a few.
The funny thing about the content of these authors books, were that all of them were sad, in a way.
The Jodi Picoult I owned was ‘My Sisters Keeper’, which I loved to read over and over, but my favorite was the Audrey Niffenegger, ‘The Time Travelers Wife.
I had a fascination for ‘time traveling’. I knew that if it were real, there was no way that anyone would stop me from doing it.

The fantasy to time travel was the only thing that gave me faith that one day I could see my parents alive. But there was one problem with it; it was all just a fantasy, a product of the imagination.

That night, I took the ‘Time Travelers Wife’ book and started reading it, till I felt asleep.

“Cynthia, Cynthia”
I heard a voice calling me, it sounded almost like a whisper.
“Cynthia, Cynthia!” the voice called me again, this time the tone of the voice was more of a shout than a whisper.
I slowly opened my eyes, it was painful. There was a blinding light in the room.
A scream from the woods erupted, the sound of owls and wolfs were lingering in the air. I felt an icy sensation running through my spine; it was the horror I felt. The light in the room turned into a shadow, running towards me.
Woah! that rocks!! a few spelling errors like past tense and so forth but all in all it was fantastic. Pursue your goal and get an editor so it wont be your job to worry about spelling! good luck :)

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