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How much do cam girls actually make?
People have told me that webcam modeling is great for girls in poorer countries because it gives them the chance to make money they would never see otherwise. I've seen sites advertise that their models can make $300 an hour or more, and I have a hard time believing this. So my question has two parts:

1) How much, on average, does a cam girl make per hour?
2) Out of every $100 a person spends on a cam site, how much does the girl actually get?
Let me tell you $300 an hour is not true, it is a lot of hard work and effort on your part, the money really does not start to improve until you get regulars that want you particularly then that is when you will see a boost in your income. On average you can make around a minimum of $300 a month up to $1200 a month. The best thing to do is to get acquainted with the different camming sites, as each one has its perks and weakness. Go to this site as it is a work at home site and it also details all the work from home jobs available that includes camming, phone etc.
Can I pay my cam girls with Paypal from my personal account?
I know Paypal doesn't allow payments to adult affiliates, but if I run an adult cam chat studio as a sole proprietorship, is there a way around this rule? Would it be legal and not a violation of Paypal's TOS for me to pay my girls (they are all independent contractors) from my personal Paypal account, or am I required to pay via my business account?

I should probably contact Paypal with this question, but thanks in advance for your answers, anyway!
anyone receiving money thru Paypal loses some of that money to fees - I doubt they are going to want to lose 4-6% of th money you owe them - you should have a business checking acct set up since you are running a business -

I wouldn't do anything thru Paypal that might make you totally LOSE your Paypal acct forever
How much money do cam girls realistically make?
I've thought about trying out the whole cam girl thing for a while, but I'm not sure if it'd be worth it. On an honest scale of 1-10, I'd probably be an 8 or so... am I actually going to make money doing this? If you have prior experience with this sort of thing, how much did you make?
I'm a guy so I don't have experience doing this of course. But I have a friend who did this in the past. She made a good living doing this, at least a couple of grand a week. This also depends on the company you work for, some pay more than others.

Good Luck,
How do web cam girls get SNs?
I have always wondered how web cam girls get the screen names they like to spam their site to.
And now that I am a cam girl, I am even more interested in knowing.
I just want to promote myself, and the website I am working on.
Any Ideas?
They usually try and promote their best features within their usernames or what they think the guys might want - looks like you will be attracting the "Eye-men" !! Good Luck
A question for women about msn cam girls?
What do you think of girls who go on msn and flash on cam? Do you think these girls are dirty or do some girls just like showing their body to men? I want to know what women think about this.
I think they can do whatever they want as long they don't hurt anyone else.
Why are there so many web cam girls on yahoo chat?
Every time I am in a chat room I get lots of pop ups from girls saying they want to show me their boobs. It doesn't make any sense. If it is supposed to be about the topics posted why are they doing that. Can someone explain?
Well....apparently many yahoo users are abusers who utilize the 360 & IM features for their "home based businesses". I have lost count of the number of people who want me to go on CAM with them. so I guess all you can do is ignore them until the provider sets down some stiffer rules & penalties! i'm a cam girL I dont use chatrooms because there are so many bots in these it's hard to tell who is real. and it's harder to make a sale and I dont like to bother people I use classified ads.
Is there a website with cam girls but they can see you?
I would like to find a website for this. Where the sexy cam girls can see you that way you can do your do together xD
How much do those cam girls get paid?
Like the adult webcam sites. I know it differs for each company but in general how much? Do they get paid by the hour?

What do you know about all of that?…
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