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Is there a way to avoid getting throttled by BT?
Every night from 4pm - midnight and every weekend from 9am-midnight BT lowers my houses' broadband connection to and upload rate of 280kbps. This seems to be causing me massive lag on any online game and it's frankly making me sick.

Until I can persuade the 'rents to switch ISP, is there a way to stop getting this ridiculous "fair" usage spanking?
Nope, sorry. There's nothing you can do on your own, everything is controlled by your ISP.

I feel your pain man, my lousy cable plan in Aus is permanently constricted to 320 kbps -- making it impossible to host any online game with more than 4 players.
IPod WiFi help please - It's driving me mad!!!
Ok here's my problem. I have just bought my very first iPod and I have no idea how to work it and what I am doing (I am only 26 - I know I should already know about this!)
Basically here is the situation: I have bought a brand spanking new Ipod touch - 8GB and I want to put some (not all like it's trying to make me!) of my tunes on it. I have ITunes 7 but I don't know how to choose which tracks I want to put on there. It keeps asking me to sync the ipod - which I say yes to, but then it tries to stick all of my tracks on there!
My second problem is the wifi connection. I am currently connected to the internet on my home PC using the Orange livebox broadband. It has a wireless connection and I have already set it up to connect to the Wii which is downstairs. Now I have tried to set up the touch to connect to it and I think it's connected because I get the some kind of symbol at the top left corner which I think is the wifi symbol; however when I try and 'safari' it will not open a page and says that it can't connect to a server... how can this be?

I have trawled all over the internet looking for answers to this and I have no idea where to find them!

Thank you for reading this and hopefully helping me!
1. Turn on manual management of the iPod by plugging it into iTunes and then checking the box that reads "Manually manage music and movies" on the iPod's main page. Then hit sync. Now you can drag tracks over one at a time.

2. This is more tricky, because you're basically asking what is going wrong in a long chain of potential problems. Make sure your wireless connection is set to allow the iPod to connect. This is important if you have security set up.
Is my wireless card the problem?
i am with sky for my broadband and have the little black netgear router. I have a netgear WG511 v2 wireless card.
The problem is that i keep loosing connection for no apparent reason.
My router is in the living room and i am currently using my laptop in here (now as of writing this!) I am more or less sitting on top of the router so why does it keep disconnecting? When i move into the conservatory which is the next room (patio doors dividing the rooms, but these are always open) the connection will work for an hour or so and then it'll go. I find that I constantly have to re-start my computer if i want to use it for more than an hour at a time.
I have checked for interference from other users in my street and none of them are on the same channel as me.
Now, my mum who lives on the same row as me 3 doors away has just gone with sky broadband, she has the same router as me but a brand spanking new laptop. Her router is upstairs and she has no problems connecting and staying connected to the internet when she uses it in her kitchen.
Could it be that my wireless card is crap and i need a better one or that my computer is crap? (currently using dell latitude d505).
It seems odd that i can only get a connection when i'm sat on top of my router, its rather annoying as the whole point of being wireless is so that you aren't grounded with a cable.
any help/advice would be greatly appreciated
There could be a great number of possible scenarios that are causing you to get a bad signal but here a few suggestions based on what you've told us;

- Set the correct channel plan.
- Turn off your wireless card's power saving features.
- Adjust your wireless card's rate to a lower value or 'adaptive'.
- Make sure you have to latest driver for your laptop's wireless card. If you use a generic driver, you may suffer from performance issues. It's always best to get the driver from the laptop manufacturer.
- Check your router settings. Make sure that nobody else is hogging your connection, especially any war-drivers. I recommend that you use MAC filtering.
- Adjust the Fragmentation threshold. This basically breaks up data packets (fragments them) so if there are errors in the transmission, only the part that failed needs to be resent as opposed to the whole packet. Try incremental decreases and review the performance. Decreasing this beyond a certain level can have negative effects.
- Adjust the RTS threshold. It sends 'request to send' packets to try and prevent collisions happening with other clients. Decreasing this beyond a certain level can have negative effects.

I hope something here helps.

Edit: I have Sky Broadband and I have the newer Belkin DSL-Router that they are supplying and so far, so good.
New computer - Windows 7 - Having problems with wireless connection - error 651?
Alright, lots of information, but I'll try to keep this as straight as possible.

I recently bought a new Desktop. It came with Windows 7 Premium Home Edition. I already have a router plugged into the wall and the connection is set up and I can connect to it using my laptop. So, I turn on my Desktop for the first time and I instantly go to "set up a new wireless connection" and click "Connect to the internet" and choose "Broadband (PPPoe)". It then prompts me asking for a username and password the ISP provided me (they never did?) and a new name for the internet connection. I make up my own username and password and name and click connect. It starts to connect (says WAN miniport PPPoe), then i get a message saying an error has occured (error 651) and it says something about my modem having a problem.

Someone told me to check if I have a wireless network card, so i went into control panel and clicked "network adapters" and it said "nVidia nforce 10/100 mbps Ethernet" (idk if that's a wireless network card). Anyway, I can't seem to get past this problem and I need some help.

I currently have a router from Shaw that is brand spanking new.
You don't have a wireless card. All you have is a card for a wired network. You can buy a usb wifi adapter and plug it into the back.
Some DIY blokes who did our wooden flooring, staircase and kitchen tiling broke some of my stuff ?
At the time I was in my room, they also did a LOT of painting - which mean't the staircase was blocked a lot, so i didnt go down much incase I disturbed them. ( i stock piled grub upstairs that time ).

One day I heard a load 'smashy' noise, like something got dropped.

They finished the job 3 days ago. Stuff was disconnected, moved around etc etc.

I plugged in one of my pc's , a desktop, 2004 dell model (we have 4 desktops and 3 laptops) and noticed that the chasis was busted, the fan making horrible whirry noises and the dell monitor with a 2 inch crack in it , in the top right hand corner.

Also, our internet broadband filter thing - was busted - this was fine until they arrived. Turns out they must ahve moved our tv across and smacked it into it.

So thats 2 things damaged. Wait theres a 3rd too.

A 'New York' souveneir plate, mounted on a piece of bronze was shattered in 3 pieces, and thrown into the 'rubbish' - i found it and was shocked to see it like that, luckily I used glue and mended it together.

I know who is responsible for this damage, but they did a spanking good job with the DIY stuff - i mean really good job. but they damaged some of our stuff. Too late for me to do anything about it ? or should I get in touch with them and ask them to resolve this for me ? my damaged items ? where do i stand legally ?
You get in touch with the head builder,and in a none confrontational,but determined way tell him about the damage and the need for repairs and the costs involved.They invariably argue but always settle for a compromise compensation.So get after them.Be nice but show them you mean business otherwise he will brush you off.

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