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What type of panty should I buy, boy short panties or thongs?
I am a crossdresser and my collection of panties is briefs, and I want to buy other types. What would be more comfortable and more feminine, boy short panties or thongs?
I like boyshorts. They're wayy comfy and don't make you feel like you have a permanent wedgie. But both are needed depending on what you're wearing. Thongs are good if you have on something tight and you don't want panty lines to show.
Would you wear boy-short panties out in public if you wore them as shorts?
I've worn boy-short panties out to the mall and store before and if I wear thong panties underneath them its almost like wearing short-shorts which I love to wear.
Well just don't come to Y/A and start whining and asking people why men are asking you how much you charge!!! C'mon if you truly felt it ok to dress this way....why ask???
Where can I find boy short panties that look like boy's briefs?
Everywhere I have looked for boy shorts, I find these lacy contraptions that look ridiculous. I just want boy's underwear made for girls.

And a killer deal.
My friend gave me a site which is have various pants.
It is a reliable and trustworthy online shopping site, they always satisfy their customers and win high international reputation.
there are good quality and cheaper than other stores. what's more there are free shipping now and good customer service.
hope help.
Are boy short panties suppose to ride up?
I just bought some boy short style panties and they fit fine in the front, but ride up and expose my cheek-age in the back
Depends on make brand some do some don't I wear them every now and then and i find that they do alot.
Where can i get cute boy short panties online?
I want some new ones, and im bored online now, so im waiting for your answers!! Preferably, I'd like them under $10.00 per pair. Thanx!
Victoria's Secret! I recommend the PINK line because they're 2/$16, come in really cute patterns/colors, and are really super comfortable!…
I want to try something other than boy short panties any suggestions?
all I wear are boy shorts though I tried thongs no thanks someone help me out
Definitely try some hipsters. Check out the Victoria's Secret PINK line, they have some really nice hipsters and bikinis
Im a boy and I like to wear Boy short panties is this wrong?
I am not gay I am 100% striaght and I have had a girl friend for 1 year and she knows that I do this but she doesnt care any ways is this some thing wrong I have worn boy shorts for almost 9 months but only she knows. Should I tell my mom? and how and what so I say? By the way I am 13 and if you know where any sexy boyshorts or hipsters are please send me the website and do other girls like this? I wear them becasue there more comfortable
Have boy short panties taken the lead over thongs?
Why the sudden shift?
eww no. maybe for 14 year olds or girls with no @$$, but the thong will NEVER go out of style! sexy!
Boy short panties help me!?
Okay, this is embarrassing... I bought some boy short panties and they look AH-MAZING on me and I love them to death...only one problem, they are the most uncomfortable undies I've ever worn! I've tried all different brands of em' too! ugh! How do I make them comfy??? thankyousomuchXOXO!
just wear them for awhile while u r home, so ur discomfort doesnt show. u will get used to them.


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