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How many panties should a good panty boy own and what styles are necessary?
I'm helping by boyfriend blossom into a submissive panty boy and I need help deciding what panties work best. Upon request by him I have purchased 10 silky bikini cut panties and 15 g-string sexy thongs. How many more panties should I buy him, or make him buy and what styles? Thanks!
WOW what a great woman. More and more woman are accepting that there husbands or boyfriends like to wear panties. Fact is that guys who wear panties make very good lovers, they are so into pleasing the woman they are with, having a pantyboy as a husband or boyfriend and a submissive one at that means you will be able to lay back and tell him what to do and he will be totally into pleasing you in any way.

So you have already purchased a few panties for him. The silky bikini cut ones should be very nice for him to wear and also the gstring thongs will be nice. Its best to have a variety but most guys enjoy the silky or satin ones, you might also want to try a microfiber one as they can be really soft and silky and they stretch very nice as he grows inside them. I think a variety is always nice, boyshorts tend to not cover upfront enough but some men do enjoy wearing boyshorts, but bikini, thong, gstring as long as they have some stretch to them should work great. Not sure if you have checked out or if your boyfriend has but its a great place to be able to talk with others who wear panties and lots of couples visit that community, might be a great place for you both to visit together as seeing what looks good on others can really help you in picking out what styles you like or that he will like to wear. Like I said a good variety is always best, different styles, fabrics and colors will keep it interesting and fun for the both of you, a dozen or so should be plenty to start with. Have fun and enjoy your pantyboy.
What do people think of a boy wearing panties?
I am a 14 year old boy who like to wear women panties i don't really know why but i would think it would be a fetish but i really enjoy it and would like to wear panties all the time i want some advice on how to get panties and where would be some of the best places thanks for taking the time to answer but i don't want anyone leaving oh your gay or any mean comments and no i am not gay or bi but just a boy with a fetish.
from most peoples presective a guy wearing panties is weird, but if you really do enjoy wearing them then whos to say you cant. I/m a guy and ive been weaing panties for quite a wile. i dont have much time but ill give you some short edvise, 1 if your trying to get some with out people knowing I'd suggest going to walmart for 2 reasons #1 they have self check-out #2 you can decide wich style and size best fits you, idk as a heads up for the most part pantie breifs and hipsters fit the best but it depends on the person. As for wearing them @ school if your afriad of people seeing them like in the P.E locker you could wear some light gym shorts over them then when you get home take em off ( i'm gay so i doent care if people see my panties so it never bothered me if any anti-gay people saw'em) but i know as a straight person you would rather have people not find out, sorry guydo i gotta run, i guess if you need any help you can email me but i dont check my email all the time

Good luck :D

ps i was straight when i started to wear panties so i know how you are feeling right now, and no just cuz you wear em doesnt meen your gonna turn gay like i did, its a choise not a lable cuz what clothes you wear!

What type of panty should I buy, boy short panties or thongs?
I am a crossdresser and my collection of panties is briefs, and I want to buy other types. What would be more comfortable and more feminine, boy short panties or thongs?
I like boyshorts. They're wayy comfy and don't make you feel like you have a permanent wedgie. But both are needed depending on what you're wearing. Thongs are good if you have on something tight and you don't want panty lines to show.
Where can I find NBA logo panties and boy shorts?
I can't find them anywhere on the internet! Anyone know where I can get cute panties or boy shorts with the Phoenix suns logo?
at king soopers
Should a former panty boy wear a pair of panties again?
I stopped wearing panties a month ago and rid myself of all of my panties, however I found a pair that I forgot to throw away toady and I feel compelled to wear them. Should I? Thanks!
Just loose all the underwear, and go commando! That's the best. I like it when my junk has room to knock around.
What is the difference between a boy's underwear and ladies panties?
I didn't find any difference between the innerwear of ladies and boys
the panties and underwear looks like same
can the boys wear panties
Boy have a penis and two balls but girls do not. So in boys undersear there is a place to hold those though they are elastic,but girls underwear is flat.
Is it OK for a boy to wear cheerleading panties instead of ordinary guys' briefs?
I'm a 16 year old boy, and my sister (17) is a cheerleader. I've borrowed a pair of her cheerleading panties (spankies) on several occasions and wore them instead of my underwear briefs. Cheerleading panties fit much better and feel much more comfortable than my briefs do.
Sure...why not?
Is it OK for a boy to wear plain panties?
My two guys are quite close in age (girl 8, boy 7). They share a room. Often my son ends up putting on his sisters panties if they are top of the pile. Usually just her plain nylon briefs, and not her pink fancy ones.

Should I stop this or is it an issue?
Look, its simple in our house (maybe it will work for you); when we fold the laundry, we pile the girls' in one pile and the boys' in another. Just get them used to grabbing underwear from the proper pile. Maybe getting them some undies that look quite different might help. I don't think its a big deal for him to be wearing a pair of plain panties, but if another guy at school ever notices for any reason, can you imagine what they might say to your son? Kids can be cruel to each other. I know we wouldn't want to deal with that...
Where can I find boy short panties that look like boy's briefs?
Everywhere I have looked for boy shorts, I find these lacy contraptions that look ridiculous. I just want boy's underwear made for girls.

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Would you wear boy-short panties out in public if you wore them as shorts?
I've worn boy-short panties out to the mall and store before and if I wear thong panties underneath them its almost like wearing short-shorts which I love to wear.
Well just don't come to Y/A and start whining and asking people why men are asking you how much you charge!!! C'mon if you truly felt it ok to dress this way....why ask???

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