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How would white men feel if another black man ran for president and his wife was white?
White men already mad cause a lot of white women are choosing black men over white men these days and having half black babies. So how would it feel if a black candidate has a white wife?
I don't know any white men that are mad because a certain "type" of white women choose to date black men. I will vote for the person whose views are similar to mine, I couldn't care less who he/she is banging.
Why do black men always leave there white wife what are white woman doing wrong?
Basically i have not seen an black and white couple together 4 a long time the blackman always breeds da white woman then runs away its not fair my dad whos black cheated on my poor white mum and gave her depression ITS NOT RIGHT FIX UPP
I am sorry that he left and it is hard to go through in what ever race you are in ...I am white and my husband is black and I have been married 14 years in January..It just depends on the man not the color ..However biracial marriage is a lot harder then most as there are so many haters but as far as your dad well he will get his for leaving his wife and family cause what goes around comes around and hopefully u will see it cause the next women he gets with wheater she is black or white will do it to him its karma
What do to you think of black athletes men with white wife and biracial babies?…

I bookmark the link every time i see one of these couple on the internet
they make to much money for what guys do for free is what i think about i don't care who they date.
Are white men and black women better together?
I have 2 questions:

1. Are white men better husbands than black husbands?
2 Are black women better wives than white wives.

I think so, on average. The reason is that though black men/white women marriages outweigh white men/black women by about 7:3, white men and black women marriages stay together longer, on average. My father is white and my mother is black, they've been happily married for 45 years.
I'd just love to give you a beautiful, politically correct answer by saying "No", to both of your questions...But that would not be 100% honest of me, so I'll give you the truth.
My opinion may be a little biased, as I am a half Black, half White girl, but here it is.
BW/WM relationships generally work out better than WM/BM relationships because:
1. Black women do not age as fast as White women. Many men cheat on their wives because they crave younger, fresher looking women. Who would a man cheat on first? The 40 year old who looks 30, or the 40 year old who looks 50? I'm not saying all men will cheat, but the asswipes who do, will be way more likely to cheat on the older looking woman. I'm also not saying that looks or aging is the only reason men cheat, but for those who do cheat for that reason(which is more than you may think), they'd rather a younger looking wife.
2. A lot of Black men are deadbeats. I'm not saying they all are, nor am I saying that all White men are trophy dads..I'm just saying that over half of single mothers' guyren have Black fathers. What does that say about many Black men? That they dear commitment? That they just want no-strings,-attatched sex? What it sure as hell DOESN'T say is lasting relationship.
3. Black women are the driving force of the Black community and White men are the driving force of the White community.
4. White women have a tendancy of being naggy and overcompensating. They also tend to tolerate a lot more than they should.
Black Women/White Men...?
Okay, I am a black girl, but I date interracially. I love white guys and more than likely I'll end up marrying one. So, being that I'm all for dating whomever you want, so when I saw this, I was offended:

Alright, so the other day, I was watching Wife Swap, and there were two interracial families. One had a black wife, white husband and the other was black man, white woman. The Black wife was completely stereotypical: Loud, demanding, aggressive, mean, etc, etc. and her husband was her houseboy. The White wife conformed to a stereotype too: Submissive, passive, fat, etc, etc. I was really shocked, but I just made myself look over it.

Well, today, I was watching it again (hey, it's a good show) and they had another interracial couple, a black wife and white husband. And again the black wife was the same way, and her husband just let her walk all over him.

My point is, does this bother anyone else like it bothers me? I'm 19 and have dated white men my whole life (I'm in a relationship now) and I'm not at all like that. Why do we just accept ridiculous stereotypes like that? And not only do we accept them, they are perputuated! This is really blowing my mind.
OMG!! I saw that episode! I was so upset that they put a black woman on there that acted just like "the stereotypical black woman"!! She acted so religious. She seemed so mad and irritable but the other wife (white) seemed pleasant and free-spirited.
See how the media works???? That was a prime example!
Why do black women and white men fail to know what they've got til its gone? ie. white wife with black hubby?
I'm a white woman. White men constantly gave me the cold shoulder and ran after the tall, scrawny size-zero blonds. I may be overweight, but I think I'm pretty. White men have ridiculous standards when it comes to weight.

My husband is a black man. Black women constantly gave him the cold shoulder and ran after the drug-dealers and thugs. My husband may be a successful man who doesn't behave like a thug, but he is not "weak" or "nerdy" or whatever term black women use for men who don't wear their pants below their knees and beat up their girlfriends.

Now that I've been in love with a black man for fourteen months, white men and black women seem to be suddenly looking past what they didn't see in us. Why do they hate seeing us together when they didn't even give us a second glance fourteen months long ago?

And just to clear this up. I expect a lot of people(especially black women) to answer this question by saying that my husband and I are self-haters and just making up excuses. No. If he and I ever divorce, I will be EQUALLY open to dating a white man as I am to dating another black man. I'm not with him because he's black. I'm with him because I love him. In fact, I PREFER MY OWN RACE and I always pictured the man I marry being white. But this particular black man is special to me and we just so happened to fall in love. Therefore, I'm not out to steal black men from black women as they constantly accuse me of doing.
yes people can be very cruel. and they just cant seem to get past the whole race or color of the skin. why cant people understand its just skin pigmentation?! i respect both of you for marrying each other, if people of different races realized that not only one race in this world existed, they wouldnt put them on a pedestal and ignore all the other races and perhaps understand the value of character rather than looks.

i have no problem with interracial relationships at all, and i hope that for those who will treat both of you ignorantly, that they might someday come to the realization that it is because of their stupidity as to where all the hatred is coming from.

some people might call people in IRs because there are people who do hate their own race and so they bash their own because of it. but they wouldnt marry someone unless they loved them right? marriage happens because of love.

for those white guys who only care about white women who are size zeros and blondes, thats their standard of beauty which to me, is just not real. its only a matter of how they grew up. and plust, the size of a women is irrevelant to the fact that if she doesnt have brains, confidence and respect for others, she not a woman, just still needs some growing up to do.

for black women who call black men self haters, i can understand that they want a guy who meets their standards and will push away those who they dont want anything to do with because they dont meet them. but still, they need to think about how they turn them down with out making the men feel that they are unwanted and show just a little more respect towards others.

now i bet it seems that i was trying to bash them that i was talking about, but i was just saying how the negativity can really do a big cause and effect.

so if you just keep your mentality off the whole race factor and focus on the person themself, you'll forget about the difference in how dark or light someone is, but realize the reason we are still one because we are labeled underneath the name of human.
Tell me the name of the white man who was killed by black men for having a black wife?
They were in the military and the men broke in tortured, raped, and killed them.
First off not even the police have said this was a racial attack. You are making the issue worse then it is by dragging race into it.

And he was Polish and not white as in an American white.

His name was Sgt.Pietrzak.

Here is an article about the event.…

Spare me your lip retard. White as in American born is what I meant.
Why did Michael Jordan, the best basketball player ever cheat on his black wife for a white woman?
He cheated on his wife multiple times for a blonde white woman named Karla Knafel. Why couldn't he just seek another black woman?

Why did she sleep with a black man instead of a white man? What do black men have that white men don't?
this is pointless, why does anyone do anything? because everyone is unique not everyone likes the race they are in attraction...., regardless cheating is bad and their is no reason to cheat no matter the race
please with due respect,don't take this as offensive,i did a little research on black men and i found that:-

1) most black men would rather have a white wife than a black wife if given a choice
2) successful black men in most cases go after white women
3) if not white most black men would prefer a lighter skinned women
Boy, please. Don't speak for me or any other black guys based on flawed research or biased TV, radio & newspaper reporters. Did you know that there are famous black couples out there in which the woman is black?

1. Denzel Washington & Pauletta Pearson…

2. Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson…

3. Isaiah Washington and Jenisa Washington…

Also, Wyclef Jean & Marie Claudinette Jean, Mary J. Blige & Kendu Issacs are black men who have chosen to marry black women.

Of course you don't hear about these black couples, because the media ignores them and focuses on certain couples instead of showing all of them. All of these are famous people and yet their significant other is ignored or not given air time.

As for me, I am attracted to black women:

1. Bella Naija…

2. Serena Williams…

3. Oluchi Onweagba…

4. Bria Myles…

5. Kristen Elizabeth White (Miss Black USA)…

6. Estelle Swaray…

7. Mercy Johnson…

Black women are Queens. Black men love black women because they are gorgeous, glamorous, stunning, elegant, dazzling and sweet-natured. We love their hair (short or long) in beautiful styles both natural & permed, their nails, their eyes, shy smiles, their flawless smooth ageless dark skin, their pristine hourglass figures, their creative stylish / chic unique outfits and their aura of sophistication. They are intelligent, wise and the pillars of the black community.

Most of the black men in my community are dating, looking for or are married to black women. Also, statistics show that 95% of black men prefer black women. Why? Because they are lovely.
Do you think that Tiger Woods is facing scrutiny because he is a black man and his wife is a white woman?
I think what Woods does in his personal life is his own business. It is up to his wife to decide whether to file a divorce or not to. There have been other athletes whites who cheated on their white or black wives and blacks who cheated on their black wives but their business was not spread out in the public. Whereas while Woods did something wrong its not that he raped his wife or had sex with a girl age or a prostitute. So what is the big deal.
yep pretty much.

©, black men white wife