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How long after a platy gets the black spot by her anal fin will she give birth?
I have a platy and two of them are pregnet and how many days or weeks is it tell they give birth they have the black spot by there anal fin and are very big but the black spot is kinda dim
Usually about 20-40 days depending on warmth of water and amount fed.
What's an anal fin in black widow fishes?
Can anybody help me figure out, what's an anal fin or what does it look like? picture will be great. Because i have no clue the black widows i have are either male or female.

The anal fin in any fish is the one under the fish's body, in front of the tail (caudal) fin.
Most fish also have a pair of "ventral" (also called "pelvic") fins, but these are always in front of the anal fin (i.e. closer to the fish's head).

Look at this diagram:…
Today I heard a women named Alexyss Tylor say that black women are participating in anal to keep up with white?
women. I was a little offended being white and all. Is this a common stereotype for white women to be into anal sex? I don't wish to receive answers from people who have nothing intelligent to say on the subject.
I watched this woman after seeing this post and she has actually spoken at Spellman University in Atlanta. She speaks as a supporter for the black community. She has a rugged and outright crude way of speaking, however, she seems to get a lot of support for speaking in terms that many people can relate or just see her as pure entertainment. I heard the comment you are speaking of, and I was offended at first until I thought about it a bit. Much of the stuff she is saying is based from "street knowledge". I am not offended because there probably are some people of different ethnicities out on the street doing this stuff. I am not on the streets so I don't know what is going on.
What does it mean when a dog's anal hole is black ?
My dog is 3yrs old. I have not been able to take him to the vet. The other day I notice his anal hole is black. I really can't afford a vet bill right now since I lost my job and depend on unemployment but if my dogs is not doing well I will do whatever it takes to take him to the vet.

Pls help with my question.-Thank you
Could be just the pigmentation. I would call the vet with any questions. Phone calls don't cost you.
Can you get aids if you have anal sex with a black guy?
I had sex with a black guy the other night, in his *** and he has aids. Wat do?
both of anal and vagina sex spread the aids..
I like to give black chicks anal sex?
Tell me why it feels so goods on my skin?
Wrong section. also it does because you want it to.
If a White man and a White woman only have anal sex can she get pregnant and have a Black baby?
My White neighbors have a Black baby and my dad said its cus they do it in the butt!
the only way for a white woman to have a black baby is vaginal sex with a black man. anal sex cannot get you preggers and it definitely cannot change the ethnicity of your baby
This morning i looked at my guppy and i noticed a black dot like thing near its anal fin. Help?
But when we got it from the store they said it was a boy and ugh xD also I have a female guppy in there too.
There are different ways to identify if they are male or female. Is the "dot" inside of the fish or outside. If it is outside then it could be a marking and part of the fish's color. Look at the bottom fin. Does it look like a pin and go straight back or does it look like a fan and hang down? If it looks like a pin and goes straight back it is a male. If it looks like a fan and hangs down, it is a female. Does it have A LOT of color? If so it is probably a male.

Hope I helped.

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