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All Comments

For guys to answer - curvy or thin?
Guys always say they like a woman with curves (I don't mean fat, I mean hips and whatnot), yet a lot of them seem to go for the ideal super thin kinda girls.

Honestly, what is better?
or Thin:…

Also, when you tell me your decision, could you let me know what kind of guy you are: romantic, player, serious relationship type, fling type...
What you call "curvy" is a completely well-formed body, pleasant to look at, with a matchingly pleasant face.
The blonde, blue-eyed Brazilian model with the figure of a Biafra-Guy looks pitiable. For what does she model?
The German program "Bread for the World"?

I´d fear to break her in halves with the 1st hug,
at least I am looking forward to an abundance of splinters I´d catch on her.

About me catch a glimpse of ;;)
Can I Wear A Bikini As A Saree Blouse?
I bought a bikini a few months ago when i went out to america and stayed with my hubby there,
Its A halter neck and a Thong Bottom looks like this one.
What Do You Suggest Should I wear It Or Not
It's okay to wear such stuff in the West. However, in India, it may not be well-accepted by the society. Personally I don't encourage it. In any case, may be you can consider it, depending on your hubby's preferences and the party / location, where you plan to appear with this.
Would you break up with your fiance for having a wandering eye?
Sorry this is long. Thanks for taking the time to read through it.

My fiance says I make a big production out of it. He says he may look but that he "always" comes home.

While on a trip together, we went out with his friends to a restaurant and he checked out a girl sitting by her boyfriend and then another girl that came walking in. I was scanning to see who was coming in, which I have gotten into the habit of doing since I have been with him and one of his friends saw me do this and sorta turned around but didn't catch on.

Later, on the ship, he saw a waitress that I could see turned him on and then he turned to me and said "I love you" in a comical way. Thing is the waitress knew she was being checked out, he made it so obvious. What was bad, was this waitress was not even good looking, so I don't know what the draw was.

He saw a girl in a thong on the beach that walked in front of us and he told his Dad that he would risk purgatory for life from me so he could take a look. His Dad, said well, you have a Rolls Royce right here, meaning me--which was nice of him.

At the movies a girl in a swimsuit walked in front of us and he was looking at her from his lounge chair and she caught him looking and she walked in front of me with her boyfriend and she had a smile on her face. He turned to watch her walk away.

He kept looking over at a woman dining with her husband and she caught him looking. He looked at her when they passed our table to leave.

I'd say about 10 women in all with this kind of behavior.

One lady he engaged in a conversation in the art gallery. By then I was feeling not so well about myself and left with the wine glass in my hand. He came running after me and said you are the only woman for me. No one has treated so well as you.

I went through our pictures and he had taken some pictures of girls in their bikinis when he went for a walk on the beach and some of women when they were walking by us when we were on our lounge chairs.

I had told him for the umpteenth time and prior to this trip to please not embarrass me and not make it so obvious since it is humiliating to me and he stills continues to do it. He can't seem to control himself.

Other than that he is a nice guy, but this is the one thing that is a big deal to me with any guy. It doesn't matter if it is a quick glance, it's the prolong staring that is bad. All I want is a little respect when we are out in public together.

Would you break up with a guy that did this to you or is it just a guy thing with all guys.
That's a good reason for breaking up. He's being really creepy and probably giving these girls the heebie jeebies. You (thank goodness!) will NEVER be comfortable with his behavior (that means you're a normal person) and his behavior is not going to change. And the taking pictures thing just reeks of well... really bad stuff. I think the only mistake you could make at this point is ignoring your gut, which is telling you to run.
Do you think these pictures are attractive?
They're all pretty good, except for the first one.

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