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What kind of bikinis do most women like to wear on the beach?
For example: micros, thongs, slingshots, brazilian bottom, etc. I have found a site which has some beautiful bikinis:
Any thoughts on that as well?
I've got seven wicked weasels so far and plan on getting a bunch more this summer. I love them!

Who thinks Filipinas should wear bikinis when they go to the beach?
I mean my goodness, I only saw like two bikini girls there in four trips and it borders on being ridiculous. Don't start preaching to me about the reasons why they don't, I already know. It's like the one place on earth where chicks should wear skimpy beach attire because they have the beautiful skin for tanning, slim sexy bodies and it's hot. Instead they were long shorts and long sleeved shirts with big straw hats and then they put sunblock on also. Give us white kanos a break and put on them bikinis. I'm not being a pig but paying you all a compliment. Over here we have to suffer looking at the cellulite whale women in tiny spandex beach wear, so we go to the trouble of coming to the exotic tropics to see some beauty and instead see fully clothed girls splashing it up. Whos' with me on this one?
not really I prefer the shorts and shirt. It still leaves something to the imagination where a bikini shows it all, better to imagine and visualize
Why is it that boat marketers always show beautiful women in bikinis on their boats?
Why dont they show who you are likely to run across after you buy their boat and hit the water? Ive been looking all over the place for those deserted beaches with nubile women frolicking
in the sun dappled water and dolphins cavorting around them.
Boat marketers know how to sell boats. They show you pictures of what you want. If you REALLY want a woman in a bikini on your boat.....ask her aboard. She'll invite her friends and then you'll have so many beauties in bikinis, you'll be drooling.
Should it be illegal for Obese women to wear bikinis at the beach?
I'm a man and when i go to the beach theres 4 things i enjoy and expect
and 4. Beautiful women in bikinis

But there Is something i also EXPECT and that is FAT WOMEN in Bikinis ".ahhh my eyes burn"... Why on earth do they wear those tight bikinis?Do they think they look SEXY?And then they strut around thinking men want to look at them? It's sickening... Should there be law passed preventing all women over 150Ibs to wear bikini call it "indecent exposure"? Who here agrees? And who else has noticed this?
There is a law and it is God's law in the Bible. In fact it is very indecent to show your thighs in public. In fact women should not even be wearing shorts and tight jeans or any kind of shirts that show too much skin such as the chest or shoulders. I am 5ft'4 and 130lbs and no, I am not obese but you will never catch me in a bikini or anything like that. I am a born again Christian and us women of this group dress similar to the Mennonites. We wear long ankle length modest skirts and modest shirts, and long modest cape dresses. Yes, I would be very ashamed in a bikini and only because they are not modest and show too much nakedness and it is an abomination to God.
Why do some women feel they have to wear thong or string bikinis at the beach to make them feel sexy?
shouldnt a woman feel beautiful from the inside instead of wearing something exotic to make them feel beautiful
They probably don't feel like they "have to" do this. Here's what usually happens. Women usually don't have a thong or string bikini as their first swimsuit. They wear less sexy things at younger and less sexy ages. They eventually try out a variety of different swimsuits and decide which one they like best based on a combination of personal comfort, functionality, and the approval they get from other people who see it.

Some women care too much about what other people like to see (ie., men who think they're sexy). This isn't always true, but it does tend to happen a bit too much.

Some of these women may be quite beautiful on the inside, and others might not be. I don't think there's a negative correlation between sexy swimsuits and an un-sexy personality, though. There may be a too-large number of sexy bikini-wearing women, however, who place an inordinate amount of importance on their outward sexiness and devalue other things. However, let's not forget the women whose personalities are quite sexy, this actually means a lot to them, and they also happen to like it when they look sexy on the exterior. It feels better to be more sexy rather than less sexy. All by itself, it certainly doesn't hurt. If you devalue the importance of what's on the inside, that's no good. But as long as you don't do that, wearing a sexy swimsuit really doesn't hurt. I sure don't mind.
Do women like to see fit men wearing tiny, sexy little bikinis , not speedos but a nice cut string bikini?
I have a great bikini collection. Beautiful,sexy string bikinis in vibrant colors from I love wearing slinky, sexy bikinis at the beach and having that tiny string bikini tan line. Most women seem to smile. I think womes do like seeing a fit guy dressed like this.
Those women may be smiling, but it's a mask. Inside they are laughing at you. Men in little bikinis are douchebags, primadonnas, vain, self-centered, and they have absolutely zero clues as to how ridiculous they look. None of these qualities are attractive to women.
Ditch the women's swimwear and get yourself some nice trunks, you'll be 100 times more appealing to women.
My mom likes to wear skimpy bikinis to the beach?
Ok so this has been going on my whole life but now that I'm beginning to mature it's starting to matter to me. My mom wear's the smallest bikinis in the world it seems even when we are going as a family. She wears a really small top and usually thong bottoms. Now that I'm older I'm realizing all of the guys at the beach checking her out more than me and it's kind of embarrassing that my mom is the hot thing on the beach. My mom is tan, beautiful, and curvy but it seems like she is trying to flaunt her stuff whenever we are out in public together. do you know why or how i can get her to stop?
well ur mom is a grown woman so she can wear what she wants.. u jus gotta wear something hotter...r ask ur mom to wear something less revealing...
How to look beautiful for the beach?
I have 20 days left before my fieldtrip to the beach and i am going on a shopping spree need shorts gladiators tank tops bikini,skin tips,and hair ideas.and this is so i feel good about myself and entertainment for 2 hour long ride please help,thank u
hmm well during this season
the most popular hair styles are the natural ones.
try doing a natural hairstyle such as soft waves.

hoped i helped

oh if you go on youtube and search summer hairstyles you will find tons or tutorials. :P
Why are all the 17 year old girls in bikinis at san clemente beaches all so beautiful?
i am 17 and i cant focus on anything else
Check this out, dude: for the rest of your life, those girls will get more and more beautiful, and better yet, they'll be more and more easily available. I don't think you can possibly imagine just how great that actually is when you're 17. Enjoy it.

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