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Why Is It Still Embarrassing To Be An Adult Into Video Games?
I don't know why it is, but why is it embarrassing to be an adult video game player.

Why do the majority think of them as a "guyren's thing" and not many people say they play video games at 30, 40, and 50 years old?
There does come a time when a person is expected to have more important things to do nearly all the time. A responsible adult with guyren, a mortgage, a job, etc. typically needs/wants to spend whatever free time he/she can find actually DOING something.

I like computer games, but boy, they are a terrible time waster. Time is one of the only things that we always have less and less of, no matter what we do. When you reach the end of your life, will you be satisfied to look back on a life spent on the couch working your thumbs?

Anyway, this is how people start to think at some point in their lives. I've reached that point, personally.
What are the best adult video games for 360/PC?
Is there anything new or recently released that doesn't become boring after playing it for 10 minutes?
I am really into PC gaming, and if you want lasting entertainment, going online to game adds endless excitement to nearly any game sense there is no AI that you can figure out and have mastered. Online gaming is competetive and to become the best online at any moderately popular title would take so much more time than ten minutes that you will not crave another game until you simply find something else that you need to give your time to. I reccomend stradegy type games online, such as Civiliztion 4, Warcraft 3 frozen throne (and its custom game DOTA), and Magic the gathering Online (it costs money, but if you really learn the game it is infinitely entertaining.) Have fun!
Adult video games?
Just curious how many of you would buy an adult video game for your wii or xbox systems if they made one...i mean a hardcore very realistic adult you were creating your own porno or something...
That might be very interesting....Hmmm I would buy one just to check it out....
What are some good video games for an adult male for the wii?
I was always a fan of nintendo. Do they make any games with some adult themes? Maybe some good shooter games and sports?
...Why would you ever suggest Sexy Poker to someone?

Anyway, you're probably insecure if you'd only want to play games with "adult themes". On another note, get Metroid Prime 3 and No More Heroes [2].

Black Ops is awful on any system.
Is it wrong or a sin for a Christian adult to play violent video games?
I enjoy playing the rated m games and always careful to never play them when there is guys or people who might be offended by them around. But I recently began my walk with Christ and in reading the Bible it says to shun what is evil. Are rated m games evil?
The Bible informs us that we are to


from all


appearance of evil. It is seems evil to


then I would say for you to stay away from it. The Bible does not specifically say or express that it is wrong for a christian to play these games.

The best advise I can give is to pray about is and fast if necessary, following the Lord's lead so to speak. The Spirit should guide you here. I can not say it is wrong one way or the other myself.
Are their any *adult* video games?
My husband and I have talked about this. Why haven't they come out with video game porn? Where you can make the people do pretty much anything they want and you get to see EVERYTHING. Im not trying to be a pervert or anything by asking this.. But I think its something we would definitely own. Maybe there is already something like this and we don't know about it. Who knows.. Am I weird!?
Nah you're not weird. There are plenty in Japan (though I don't think any made it to the USA). There are a few out there (that's what the rarely used "A/O" *Adults Only* rating is for.) They're all pretty soft core I think..Only one I can think of is Leisure Suit Larry. I believe you just play drinking games and what-not to get girls to strip or some such thing..although I did just remember one that I read a review on and everyone says isn't that great. It's called "The Guy Game" and its actually live action..weird right? You answer general knowledge questions I believe and get girls to strip (it never shows anything..blurs it out I think). And there are always sites you can go to for naughty games on the web. Hope I helped!
What adult only video games are out and where in the web can i buy them?
video games with adult only rating
You can download Virtually Jenna, Active Sex Dolls, And LAST BUT NOT LEAST. CHECK WWW.JASTUSA.COM. Keep in mind, that almost ALL ADULT GAMES ARE HENTAI OR CARTOON.

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