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Lefty thought he was a lucky fucker when Samantha Sin walked onto the set to team up with Cassandra Cruz, but these two mean bitches were not impressed with our boy's worthless little prick.  Cruelty comes in twos for Lefty and despite his straining hard cock and best efforts, he just gets fucked over as he struggles to please these demanding women.  Clothespins, cock sucking, heavy ball weights, dildo gags, whips and a strap on up his ass as he tries to eat Samantha's gorgeous pussy are his reward.  

They laugh at him and humiliate his worthless ass for sporting such a tiny prick, then they tease him and use him by fucking his face with their cunts and taking their fill of his pathetic cock in their hungry cunts.

In the end, as the beauties orgasm by themselves and hold Lefty down at the end of a leash, it is clear that they are just not into him and his tiny little prick.Predicament DinnerMeanbitchesFemdom is a female's goddess given right. We use it to exploit the testosterone driven madness that is a guy's existence. These fetishes are at the root of female dominance.  I use them to my advantage every step of the way, at any opportunity, to remind you that you need to thank nymphs for your existence. Lance Hart and I are buddies, but let's face it, he's still a stud and he needs to be on his knees thanking me for existing. I remind him of how his sick and pervy male mind is in the gutter. I show him how the simplest of elations turn contorted in the masculine thought process and I use it against him for his own excellent. Ego undressing, prostate rubbin', relentless pegging, female dominance driven climaxes, jism swallowing, spandex eating gusto abound!Dressed up babe seduces a next-door guy pushing her strap-on into his rear
hentai femdom handjobAshley Renee is caged and corded by leather restrain bondage straps. The dame in distress fights against the metal device around her neck and her body is made immobile by the straps.
Mean Amazon Bitches.com Where Voluptuous round women smother helpless little wimps into submissionMean Amazon Bitches.com Where Voluptuous round women smother helpless little wimps into submissionSlave gets kicked in the groin and lets domme trample his dark hurting ball sackMistress Alixx high res pics
Sissy guy dressing sexy suit before getting his hole loosened with strap-on

'I want to hear you say you want pain.  And smear that pretty lil smile off that pulverizing face.'

She'd rather smack it off.  Maitresse Madeline is a buzz saw hidden under a latex dress, and spanking the crap out of this little smart ass is just the first two mins of this vid.  Then, he makes the mistake of opening his jaws.

Calling her Ma'am is like drilling a hungry, caged tiger through the bars and then realizing that the door is unlocked.  Just to instruct him what her name is, she lays a set of lash stripes on him that he will likely never forget.  And once he eventually gets it right, she only hammers him harder to make sure that he will never, EVER forget it. 

'You thought you were going to come here and show off, that I would be easy on you, didn't you?'

Sadistic titters betray her sheer amusement through the ball spanking, wringing, pulling, cock twisting and general mayhem she unleashes below his midbody.  Then she takes out the pliers and the spiky nerve wheel.

'Why are you so smashing greedy?'

She ensures him of one thing as she reclines, her gorgeous bum luxuriously enveloping his face.  'You need to be tonguing my ass, because that is the closest you will ever get to fucking my warm little holes.'

As her strap on rips his hungry ashole apart, her manicured penetrates tease and delve at the flesh just below the tip of his hardened, beaten cock.  When she brings him to the edge of orgasm with a hitachi vibe on his sore trouser snake only to turn and walk away, one has to wonder if she had been contemplating her decision about Rico's ejaculation before she ever stepped sole in the building.

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Ashley Edmonds brings her real life slave to Divine Bitches for the ultimate most humiliating cuckolding experience ever!!! I decided this was to special to shoot any other way other than total reality. I wanted to document this fantasy as raw as possible. I grab Ashley from the make-up room and give her and her slave a tour of the armory. On the Hogtied set we run into director Matt Williams and can't help but ask him to assist in humiliating her chastity cuckold. Afte her slave recieves a nice caning and CBT Ashley wraps her lips around Matt's cock and sucks him off in front of her cuck. After all he's a director and what has her cuck done lately!? Ashley loves the look of desperation on her cucks face and spits the cum she collects all over him. The tour continues until her slave has to pee, which we make him do through his chastity belt and in walks director Van Darkholme! Ashley gives her cuck the most humiliating experience of his entire life and makes him ask to be butt fucked by Van himself! Her cuck obviously hates it but does it only to please his love, Mistress Ashley. She even makes him suck cock and take a fat load of cum all over his face. Ashley is so satisfied with this. The tour ends in the submission set where I invited Rod A Tale of Two MarionettesVixen's CBTSkinny boy toy gets a huge boner while eating his domina's muff and getting used instead of a toilet panhentai femdom strapon
Real-Time Footage 247 Slavery - Day 4 #1of3Slave For AunskaWoodland Spitroast

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Two cruel ladies feed the slave with breasts and crush his ballsYoung slave fighting for air under the spare bottom of his busty mistressSevere blonde mistress pushing fist deep inside her slave’s tight assholeTwo sexy ladies spank a bastard and make him munch their feet
Lady of the ManorMeanbitchesDominatrix Hunter makes her debut on CBTandBallbusting.com. She finds that her sub has marks on him from playing with Mistress Amber, and is not pleased. She directives him to get on his hands and knees on the couch and begins his penalty. She attaches a humbler to his balls and resumes to flog and smack his butt, causing him to lunge forth and pull on his own balls.Cruel Inversion
Generous mistress lets her slave lick her huge boobs before ass-fucking himFirst Tryst ConfessionPrisoner Pee Drinker
Her Royal Queendom Pt 1Imagine a world where you are at the mercy of both Mistress Claire Adams and obedient slut Sara Jane Ceylon.  Imagine Mistress Adams humiliating you in front of another stunning gal, then ordering her to tease your cock, poke you, gargle you off and feed your own cum to you from her facehole while you are tied up and helpless.  Imagine no more, enter little billy's reality.CFNM pegging and other femdom medical gamesSoiree At Dungeon Manor Pt2
Ignored For FootshopManipulated By The BitchMeanbitchesNyloned face sittingShe loves to have fun mischievous games with foreigners
Eight Days Later Pt Three - ThePeeping At Her BootsMean Amazon Bitches - Voluptuous Stunners Dominate Poor Wimp In Hot Femdom Action!Returning with a tribute only get his best efforts ground nto the dirt of the Armory's lowest basement floor.  
Kade learns a hard lesson in fortitude, service and pain at the hands of this truely cruel slave trainer.
Mean Amazon Bitches.com Where Voluptuous round women smother helpless little wimps into submissionSandra's verbal humiliation is first rate, and today she has 'lefty' eating out of her hand and begging for more. Mistress Sandra's tight latex, tall boots and bitchy demeanor accent lefty's painful screams as he is fucked in the ass with a dick on a stick.  As usual his hard cock gets him in more trouble, and he is soon in a predicament that has his balls tied tightly to a weighted line.  The more weight he takes, the closer Mistress's mouth and delicious pussy get to his straining cock.Sufficient begging, pleading and pain get lefty in a situation where Mistress can make good use of his hard cock and dildo-gagged face, and she makes short work of getting off and milking his cock of every ounce of cum.Meanbitches featuring Mistress Vicky Vixen
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Divine Superslut: Miss Dia Zerva
Slave: Masturbate Beat
Miss Dia is drenched in sweat and so sizzling in this update that she had me on the edge of my seat the entire time! Jack Strike and Miss Dia are both marines. I found it highly adequate not only to put Wank thru his first day of training with Miss Dia but to scheduled it on the marine core b-day! Dia puts Wank thru her own shape of bootcamp! Jack is placed in a leather posture collar (highly appropriate for a leather neck) flagellated with the aggressive bloodline cane while in intense meatpipe and ball bondage. He's roped with strap, instructed oral servitude till Miss Dia jizzes all over his face, subjected to impact play with MMA mittens, tickled, fapped, nailed with an electric fuck stick and completely taunted and denied. As if that's not enough Miss Dia gags his mouth with a fake penis gag and gets herself off leaving Jack there wanting with no pull out again!.
Don't miss the rest of Jack Strike's vignettes here at Divine Tarts! Will he ever serve Maitresse Madeline and the Mansion on The Upper Floor? Only time will tell!
Maitresse's Evaluation
Core Values

it's a privilege to train with DiB 

the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty

a pledge or promise to serve The Sluts for the possibility of obeying on The Upper Floor

Closing assessment

has the courage to face difficulty and pain without dread
continue more training in pain processing
seems committed to obeying and puts in effort on his own time
not disciplined nearly enough, can't be trusted upstairs as of yet
resumes to anticipate actions
Sexy lesbians tie a guy on a bed to rub wet pussies on his faceMz. Berlin does electric torture by taking a zapper to her slave's knob, puffies, and even makes him lick the tips, causing him to shock himself. Mz. Berlin heats him up with a little more lashing with a dragon tail, before his next surprise. With Chad in utter bondage, Mz. Berlin runs a sound down inside his urethra, Chad indeed has no idea what's coming, and it completely pervs him out.Work Harder Or Else!

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Sultry business lady readily servicing kinky guy with her huger strap-onDomme Lydia pours hot wax all over her victim's nipples and rod and balls...among other indignities and pain she inflictsClaire Adams has a new toy named rubberboy.  He comes complete with operating manual,  full protection wardrobe, an assortment of big ass toys, and a submissive demeanor conducive to the most complex, sadomasochistic palate.  Miss Adams wastes no time in stretching his caboose with a huge, electrified booty ass-plug that firmly confirms his status for the day.  Hooded and enclosed in rubbber, he is then worked thru several postures that leave him helpless and available to the delightfully twisted dominatrix, and she takes full advantage by whipping, smacking, squeezing and nailing his butt with the thickest strapon we have ever seen here at MIP.Ruining Their PleasureHaily Young Cuckold
chastity belt femdom oral sex orgasumMean Dungeon.comGirls force their boy to jerk off himselfMistress penalizes male slave smothering him and making to eat her splooge
Francesca's loving husband puts together a surprise celebration for her birthday conclude with wine, cake and presents. Unbeknownst to her he has also set up the best present a woman could ever ask for, a hot sexy dude with a rock firm cock ready to give her all the orgasms and elation she deserves! Francesca and Henry are entirely in love yet they both accept the fact that he can't satiate her sexually so Henry's boss Christian is the man for the job! Francesca locks her hubbies beefstick away in chastity and whips, spanks and tantalizes his balls in front of Christian. She humiliates Henry by deep-throating Christian's cock then slobbers her cock laced saliva all over Henry's face and v-card belt. Henry is torn up in the ass while he is unwillingly made to deep-throat his bosses cock to get it ready for his wife to pummel. Finally Francesca rides Christian's dick while her husband is made to see every climax. Francesca takes Christian's full load into her facehole then spits his man cream all over her hubbies face while he is made to tell her Happy Bday!The tales of the red-headed reputation are true.  Ask Kade about this demanding, masochistic but gorgeous dominatrix.  Predicament restrain bondage, strap on bootie fucking, whipping, taunting, poking.  All with legs and tons of crimson hair.Yes Miss Madison3 sadistic lesbian scientists are delighted when a new specimen is admitted to the psych ward. He's the finest piece of meat that has come through the doors. The ladies want to be impregnated and Jack finds that the women who run the hospital are crazy and will stop at nothing to get his sperm! They stimulate his prostate, cane and paddle him. His balls are clamped and stretched. The ladies then pull a train on his ass. There's nothing he can do but lie there totally helpless, get used just for his sperm and left like a piece of meat!Medical CFNM cross of a fleshy sinner
Office Boy ReprimandHoes Mounted RegimentGoddess Takes PawnIt's Johnny's last day of [REDACTED] and Head Mistress Penny Flame stops by the dorm to administer one final lesson.  Ass paddling, glory hole CBT, bondage, tit clamps and cum eating are all on the test.Harnessed For Her Strapon

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